Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day ...

Its a beautiful day here on Skiathos ...

The sun is out, the sky is blue, the air is warm, the birds are singing.

Even the Geraniums are starting to flower, for the first time this year. Its that kind of day today.

Gravisi ...
For those of you in the UK - who may have forgotten what today is 'supposed' to be all about. Then Matt from the Daily Telegraph can help out with today's cartoon ...

Have a great day wherever you are too ...

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  1. Great photo of Gravisi,I hope you don't mind,but I have just downloaded it and sent it to my hubby,it will remind him of the many good times we've had there,and the many more to come. Thank you

    1. Great place, Lovely people, highly recommended for obvious reasons ...

  2. Unlike here in Bedford, where it's blowing a gale and the cats won't go out of the door for fear of being swept away. I won't depress you by sending piccies - yours are much more uplifting!

  3. Love the snow-capped mountains of Evia! Thank you.35 deg in Cape Town today. And it is not just the English suffering at the hands of the Australian cricketers ... the Proteas are also having a dismal time!

    1. The conclusion today is that England played pretty well !

      The Proteas getting rolled over by Mitch at Centurion, means SA are now a bad team, the captain is rubbish, and the coach will get fired :)

      Pretty warm here this afternoon, once the breeze died down, Not bad at all for Feb 15th ...