Thursday, 27 February 2014

Aegean Flying Dolphins - Erato ...

Aegean Flying Dolphins will be operating flying dolphin Erato, on the route from Volos to Skiathos Skopelos and Alonissos, starting on April 1st ( Hope its not a joke ) and throughout the summer months. They will be in direct competition with Hellenic seaways Flying Cat 6.

It will be good to hear the sound of the Flying Dolphin back on our part of the aegean. Lets hope they fare better than the last private operator of flying dolphins - Their flying dolphin disappeared in a cloud of black smoke leaving Skiathos harbour, and they were never seen, or heard of again ...

Hellenic seaways Flying Dolphin XV, that used to operate the route was still alive last month. Its now called the Santa and operates under the Albanian flag . We can only assume Flying Dolphin XXIII is laid up somewhere or was broken up for spares ...


  1. Hello,

    Forgive me but we are faced to a difficulty.
    We ve booked from July 15 to 29 on this beautiful island of Skopelos but I have trouble to find connection boat match.
    We arrive in the airport of volos 15/7 10.55 and start again on 29/7 11.20.
    Searching on the net, the best option seems to be via aegean flying dolphins but it is impossible for me to have schedules confirmation and to book online.
    Can you be kind enough to give me a helping hand.

    thank you very much

    1. Hello Oliver.

      The timetables are only confirmed by the port authorities, 30 days in advance. The timetables you can see are draft ones. Hence you cannot book yet ...

      Kind regards