Thursday, 26 December 2013

How was your Christmas ?

Thanks for the messages from afar, good to hear from you all ...

Christmas eve, and a kilo of fresh prawns, were made into the biggest Prawn cocktail salad, I have ever seen. Some lovely traditional Christmas bread. This one from the bakery in the centre of Papadamatis street.

Christmas Day, We went Greek this year, and had Pork for Christmas dinner. A turkey is too much, and a waste for us - so we wanted to try something different. Easier said than done here, as we wanted some Pork with crackling. Now here in Greece that's not the way its done. The skin, which is what becomes the crispy bit, is removed.

Our friendly local butcher, stocks Pork from Skiathos, but kindly arranged to get some sent over from a friend on the mainland. So on Christmas eve, I collected it, from our own 'named hook' in the shop. The locals all casting an eye, on what the Englishman had hidden in the fridge.

I am not the greatest fan of pork, but have to say its probably the best Christmas meal that I have had. Cooked slowly for four hours in the oven, stuffed with lots of garlic and sage that I picked here on Skiathos. Dried Thyme and Marjoram and was absolutely delicious.

Braised Red cabbage with apples, that was a tried and tested favourite. Half a cabbage makes enough for us to last a couple of days. As the recipe says you can freeze the rest. You already know about the shortage of dried fruits on the island, but the local carrefour had dried cranberries.

SWMBO picked out a recipe for Cranberry and Orange relish. That was fine but no way are we wasting €16 on a bottle of port. I modified the recipe, by just pressing the berries, and the finely chopped zest of a satsuma, and simmered in a couple of glasses of dry red wine. A little sugar to sweeten (Skiathian Port), and the berries absorded the liquid. Thats the first time ever, I have liked cranberries !

SWMBO makes a very decent mulled wine, a glass of that would probably do the job too.

I had bought fresh vegetables from the man who owns the riding school at Koukounaries, Cauliflower for SWMBO and Junior, (I cannot bare the things), and two huge Broccoli heads - very tasty indeed cooked then served with some Olive oil and balsamic vinegar added.

Dessert a Christmas Pudding, - Thanks to Simon and Donna. Then later a piece of Stilton from Malcolm which has been resting in the freezer.

Boxing day, and like everyone else, what to do next. Well no 4am queue for a bargain in a sale here. The clouds have cleared to reveal a nice blue sky. Perhaps we shall go for a walk, after all when you get a nice day here, you have to enjoy it ...

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