Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Early morning alarm call ...

From the church bells at Tries Hieraches at 5am ...

They came as a bit of a shock. They are ringing again right now at 08:30am. The air is so still, you can hear the acoustic hum off the bell. It hits that spot at ear level perfectly. Like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, when Tom has been hit on the head with a mallet ...

The 08:30am bell has brought a procession of very young children knocking on the door. All ringing triangles and singing a tune. Skiathian has prepared himself, and a jelly sweet is offered as a gift. Clearly the preferred option is hard cash.

So the early time spent making some Chicken liver pate for Christmas day. Then cooking and preparing a kilo of prawns. Yes it's going to be a fishy kind of day today.

Off to the bakery shortly, as there will not be any fresh bread - or anything else available until Friday. No 6am Boxing day sales here to worry about either.

A good opportunity for the islanders, to enjoy some quality time.

This afternoon, the Brits will be meeting up for a celebratory glass of beer or wine. Today's start point is the Mythos bar, at 1pm. A procession round the cafes and bars, to say thanks to their island hosts, and to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. Likewise to raise a toast to absent friends ...

Meanwhile preparations will be taking place, for Christmas lunches across the island. Plenty of mentions for delicacies, being prepared, and at least one Christmas day curry.

More voices and jingles in the street ...


  1. I think that they would have got more than a jelly sweet from me at 8.30 in the morning!!! Actually there was nothing like peace and relaxation here - I was on my way to Waitrose to queue up for my seafood. Hope you have a lovely festive break on the island.

    1. By midday you would be bankrupt. They even flashmob bbc you with the the tinkling triangles, with 20 teens #thinkhalloween

  2. Merry Christmas and hope Santa is good to you all :-)