Saturday, 16 November 2013

Wooly ...

You would need one today ...

Grey cotton wool clouds, seemingly weighed down over the island again. Everywhere seems dark and dismal, compared to the retina burning light of summer.

It's very breezy this morning, everyone in winter coats, to keep out the cold. Many walking or riding mopeds with handkerchiefs held over their mouths, to keep cold air out of your chest. Seems strange, but try it, it does work. At least it has not rained for a few hours.

We all have an image of the island, as eternal summer when you view it from afar, with holiday photographs. When you live here it does not take long to find out, that's not always the case.

When I moved here, it rained or was wet for around six weeks.  When the sun comes out we are like sunflowers and enjoy its warmth, if we can get a position out of the wind to enjoy it.

This morning that will not be the case, but at least the woodburner, did its job again last night. The stones are warm, and its feeling cosy in the house, against the chill outside. Many on the island loiter in the coffee shops, just to keep warm, cherishing a glass of water. The owners ever hopefull they will actually order a coffee, on days like this ...

Someone said the other day, why do you fancy an English pudding, you are on Skiathos. Well honey sets like concrete in cool weather, and you cannot eat balaclava bricks all winter. Likewise the puds and meals of northern climates are amazingly suited to island life in winter. Stews can be made and last a couple of days, follow the Greek principle. Food cooked today tastes even better tomorrow.

I fancied some fish the other day, needless to say the trawlers have been in port ever since. Same again today it seems. Shame as I now have the fish stew meze recipe, from my favourite ouzeria.

Lovely fresh vegetables available in Papadamatis street, as the island enjoys its second spring. Lettuce, spring onions, dill, parsley, leeks, the last of the aubergine and peppers, the first broccoli, and cabbages, both red and green.

A good time to eat healthy, especially with the winter coughs and sneezes. Junior is so good at bringing them home for us to enjoy.

Yes another 'good book, glass of red, and a bar of chocolate' kind of day - but as it means going out  to buy it. I think I will stay indoors ....

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