Thursday, 3 October 2013

It's not all Chips Gyros and Mythos ...

It started raining at 5:20am ...

How do I know that?

Well that's the time, that I ventured out of the front door. Only to feel the first spots of rain, and return back for my coat. Last night I had loaded up as much firewood as I could, ready to transport it back to the wood store.

I have been bringing back logs each day. It's backbreaking work. Even this morning it was nine trips with the IKEA bags to get it into storage.

Then a trip up to taxiacharis for another 30 litres of spring water. This supplementing last week's 100 litre pick up. Feeling my way up the hill on gravel strewn wet roads, an interesting experience, and not for the faint hearted. Likewise the return journey down the alp.

Into Danos bakery on the ring road, for lovely fresh croissants, and bread still warm from the oven.

Back home by 7am, and in much need of a coffee, then breakfast as junior needs to go out into the torrential downpour, to splash the puddles on the way to school.

It's a very wet, sad last day of the tourist season, for the surviving holidaymakers.Troulos is once again, a very wet muddy stained road. Huge puddles on the gravel strewn roads from town, where the water splash is rather like the Lombard RAC rally of years gone by.

Apart from a few last brave outposts, a couple of bars, and Jimmys at Aghia Pareskevi, the island has gone to sleep. Anyone who wonders what winter can be like, can always take a look at the webcam.

It's not all Chips Gyros and Mythos, living here can be quite a challenge at times.

Tonight will raise a glass to the end of a strange summer, with friends in town. It may be autumn, but it feels like winter. The weather will be better in a day or so, (hope so things to do, places to go, people to see) but winter season starts tomorrow ...

From a rather damp rock in the Aegean ...

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