Monday, 15 July 2013

Top up the tanks ...

Just how much fuel can this island use ?

We have had three fuel tankers visit here this weekend. Jet XV delivering fuel to the airport, taking three days to do it. At one time the Apilotis petrol tanker, moored across its bows delivering via the harbour breakwater. Then EKO1 moored most of the weekend delivering petrol as well.

All of them having to move, in and out of the harbour to accommodate the arrival of ferries. Then you have the ferries backed up outside the harbour, waiting to unload as the port is busy. Some people say why do we need a new ferry port - well come here in summer and you will see very clearly why ...

Its another windy morning, crazy weather again. How much longer can it last?

Well all week it seems, apparently ...


  1. We are due to arrive on Friday by plane from BHX......cannot wait for our first visit!

  2. Hi Jo

    Its a beautiful island as you will find out soon enough. Getting here from BHX has been tricky of late.

    At least you know the plane has fuel for part of the return trip, if not all of it ;) ...

  3. Thankfully we are flying with Thomson and I don't think they need to refuel.