Monday, 4 March 2013

It does not happen here ...

Apart from all the others, a new one has been added to the list ...


Yes this morning, cars were encased in that strange substance from Northern climes. Lots of pretty shapes and sparkling diamonds on the cars. This all at sea level and here in town. No doubt the inbox will soon be filled with 'You cannot say that' or 'Don't say that' or 'It does not happen on Skiathos' but its true.

The fishermen were preparing the trawler the 'Seven apostles' for sea when I passed by. Tough guys the fishermen with weather worn faces and a cigarette permanently lit, hanging from their mouth. The seagulls taking an early morning interest, as they observed what was going on. The paralia illuminated by the blaze of lights from the EKO 1 fuel tanker, busy about its business, even at that early hour.

Up in the hills there was a great view over to Skopelos, and the twinkling lights of Glossa. The water at Taxiacharis bursting out with great force from the spring, and thankfully warming my cold hands. So 64 litres of spring water returned to base, despite the actions of a local dog, outside on a balcony that was barking incessantly.

Daylight breaking at 06:10 am with a light blue and indigo sky over the Pounta, which must mean the sun is now rising behind Skopelos. The first tables were in use at Kabourelias, as the locals take an early aperitif and coffee. Babbling conversation that echoed down the paralia, as the occupants were warmed in the plastic tent by the pellet wood burner.

Back to the house and my own coffee to kick start a day, One that for me has already been two hours old. Another beautiful day it seems is dawning on this 'green rock in the aegean' ...

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