Saturday, 6 November 2010

Little summer and the Mayoral election 2010 ...

Kale Mera apo Skiathos, or Good Morning from Skiathos

Its another beautiful sunny day here in the Aegean, and after the recent rains the island is green, and full of autumn colours. Olives are ripening and being picked. Its a bumper year and the press at Kalivia is very busy.

The good weather is known locally as little summer, and that is as true an expression of this time as any of how it is here. However its hard trying to stay away from the lure of the beautiful empty beaches and cool sea, and some hardy souls are still swimming.

Well maybe not quite deserted, someone has been on the beach before us, it seems ...

... and more than a passing interest in what was going on, from one of the locals

On Vromliminos yesterday there was an impromptu swimming race, and here is the result of the photo finish, which was won by Diamantis by about a length ...

On Friday evening the Mayoral candidates were given a stage at the Bourtzi, to address the people of Skiathos with their plans and aspirations for the island, for the next four years.

As an interested observer, i was able to gauge the mood of popular support, as sadly i do not understand the speeches with my limited Greek. However Mr Plomartis the current Mayor did permit a brief paraphrase of his speech in English, for the many islanders who are not Greek but registered to vote.

What i found interesting is the Mayoral candidates introduced their team of prospective councillors on the stage. They stood as a team whilst the Mayor candidates outlined their proposals for the Island to the attentive audience.

Mr Plomaritis Mayor of Skiathos, takes his turn, and was the last candidate at the rostrum ...

This event took place, below the statue of the islands most famous son Alexandros Papadiamantis, an author of many short stories, and serialised novels. I wondered as i watched if he would have approved of the scripted speeches that were being conveyed to the masses just a few feet away.

Tomorrow - Sunday is Election day, and its going to be another glorious sunny day. Little summer continues unabated (We hope) and its off to the beach again.

The answer to the question - Who will be Mayor? will be known later that night.

The polls close at Sunset, then the count begins ...

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