Sunday, 7 November 2010

Lifelines - The plane ....

Living on an island we have our lifelines.

Transport is one of them, and we have two choices, the ferry service or the plane.

Now that it is winter we have two planes a week on or off the island. The service is provided (Subsidised by the government) by OlympicAir. Its fondly known here as 'The puddle jumper' and the sound of the propellors droning over the town announces its arrival, as it dives down onto the short runway.

Today i was meeting my friend Malcolm, and waited outside the amaretto, to watch the plane land.

OlympicAir OA068 an ATR-4 this afternoon on final approach to runway 02

Having travelled with OlympicAir quite a lot recently, its a great improvement on the old Olympic Airways. The customer service is excellent, and the aircraft are clean and more often than not - on time.

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