Monday, 8 November 2010

Life in the street ...

One thing you must do when you live in town, is help keep the street tidy ...

Now its not that easy, and you need some training, and after a few years, i think i now feel qualified to comment. The trick is not to live at the bottom of the hill, and have a neighbour.

Now i am lucky, i live on a hill and have neighbours ...
  • You sweep the street in a downhill direction (Your side only)
  • The swept items are left on your neighbours area (Downhill)
  • You wash with copious buckets of water, and sweep downhill to your neighbour
If you sweep the neighbours side this is an insult, as they are not doing it properly. This will result in them appearing and standing hands on hips and inspecting their side of the street.

When you are new at this they will appear and stand hands on hips inspecting your side of the street and will tell you clearly what you are doing wrong.

You know you are doing it right when, no-one appears and they watch from the window.

Your street credibility rises considerably when as a man you
  • Sweep the street in view of the public and neighbours
  • You wash the windows
  • No longer need the guidance of the elderly ladies in the error of your ways

I recently watched a neighbour sweep the street around 30 metres, and round a corner, to deposit the sweepings outside a neighbours doorstep. The lady sweeping was probably in her 30's and she left it outside an elderly neighbours doorstep. The lady owner well into her 80's presumably moved it round the corner later that day ...

However after five years, i have still not qualified or am trusted to assist with the delivery of firewood to my elderly lady neighbours ...

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