Saturday, 27 November 2010

The knock on your door ...

Sometimes its quite interesting, However my grip of the Albanian vocabulary is somewhat limited. I can say Si jeni miku im (How are you my friend)
One day i will search for a Rosetta stone module and it will all become clearer.

Then when someone says, blerë këtë anglez qilim to me (Buy this rug Englishman)
I will be able to respond ...

Qen (Dog)
Mace (Cat)
Sharrë elektrike me zinxhir (Chainsaw)

Yes today i opened the door, and looked down (Our Albanian friends, are not always the tallest of people) and there was a guy trying to sell me a chainsaw.

Eureka !
Something i actually want !

I have been looking for one and basically they cost an arm and a leg here. (What doesn't ?) Buy the wrong one, and not use it properly you can actually loose an arm and a leg too.

Does it work ? (E bën këtë punë?)
OK showing off - and he started it there in the street to show me.

Engine works - but what about the saw ? I said ...

Blank look (sy Blank)

So i looked at my driftwood, by the fire, and picked up a log.

He got the idea, and in a shower of sawdust, the log became two, then four.
Then another log slightly thicker, then an old fence post i had ...

After four he laughed, and so did I. He realised he had been done, and that i now had a nice pile of firewood.

Now the Albanian guys are not the type of people you really want to upset. So i gave him some Euros for the petrol and I asked how much.
I am English so he rolled his eyes back as far as acropolis like a fuel gauge as he did the numbers.

We could not agree, so he may come back if he cannot get a better deal. Otherwise i will resort to the great god who delivers within a week. The Albanian door to door Amazon was last seen at the harbour, hopefully he did not saw down the lovely plane tree for an enquiring customer ...

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The door to door sales here are really a good service. Mainly they are undertaken by gypsy ladies selling clothes and rugs, all items that are needed here on the island by people who cannot get to the mainland to buy them.
I have not needed anything so to date have not bought anything, but many of my neighbours do and i have seen the haggling taking place on the doorsteps.
You do get people trying to sell you goods that are probably black market or fallen off the back of a donkey.
One guy had pre-painted lengths of roof guttering - aluminium, and i was tempted, but did not purchase.

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