Sunday, 28 November 2010

Its the season ...

... For things to go walkies

Things have a habit of vanishing here in town and usually overnight. Its dark early and despite our lovely new antique style sodium street lights. Things tend to go for a walk.

My neighbour has slowly lost all the plants from his planters. Most mornings i pick up his Yucca, which has been uprooted overnight, and cast aside - Its a cutting and was rooting. Maybe if they left it a while it would be worth pinching it.

Yesterday someone helped themselves to two orange boxes off my doorstep, they worked quickly as i only went to the shop and back, and they were gone. Orange boxes are like gold dust, broken up they make great kindling for your fire. Here today, gone two minutes later.

This morning, the nice old piece of rock, shaped like a wedge, that has held my kitchen window shutters closed overnight went to pastures new too. We live on a rock - so why steal a bit of it ? After all, its not as if there is not plenty to go around.

Strange that no one steals my rubbish bag, must be something there useful to someone ...

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