Sunday, 14 November 2010

The last supper of the Mayoral election campaign ...

Its early here and shortly the run off elections take place across all over Greece.

There has not been the carnival atmosphere this week, its been very quiet. The two loosing candidates closed their campaign offices, in one case very swiftly, and its now down to the final two in the race to be Mayor of Skiathos. The polls open at sunrise at the school by the Alkyon hotel, Then after voting the electorate will hit the coffee shops. Many people returned to the island to vote, and some are still here from last week. The Flying dolphin runs later this afternoon instead of the morning to take people back from the islands to the mainland.

Ask anyone who they think will win, and there is much sucking of teeth and eyes cast upwards, along with the shrug of the shoulders. Down in Papadamatis street, the campaign offices are around 100 metres apart. It's quite interesting to see who is supporting who as you pass by.

Last night i was with a good friend on the final night of his holiday. We spent most of yesterday with good friends, in different locations, and last night were in one of the tavernas. We had been discussing what would happen today. When very late on, in comes one of the candidates and sits down for a meal with friends. As we watched, some of the people who had been in opposing camps, and whose votes are up for grabs, that were dining in the taverna just left immediately. Others shook him by the hand and wished him well.

Its a funny old game politics, especially on an Island, where everyone knows everyone. Deals have been done and some old scores seem unsettled.
As Sir Alan Sugar would say in the final, there can only be one winner today, and one of you is going to get fired, and one is going to get hired.

Prevenzanos v Plomaritis, it will all happen in the next few hours ...

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