Thursday, 25 November 2010

Friends of the Island ...

I have spoken of friends on the Island, but not of 'Friends of the Island' ...

Today i met Phil, or phillippos as he is more commonly known.
We have been conversing on the net occasionally for about three years. We share a love for the island, and a restaurant we both know down in Aghia Pareskevi.

I knew he was arriving today, and when the ramp of the Express Skiathos was lowered, this guy came down the ramp and was embraced by locals.

It just had to be him, and we eventualy met and had a quick few words.

An hour or so later as i walked along the paralia, i was beckoned over to his table and we shared a glass, and a bite to eat.

Life is like that here in Skiathos, you meet some lovely people, and a few words becomes a lovely lunch, sitting in the sun ...

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