Friday, 5 November 2010

Farewell ...

It had been a long day, and a sad day saying farewell to my Uncle Peter.

Adrian had summed him up perfectly when he said "I never heard anyone say a bad word about him" and that was true. The Eulogy bore this out, with kind words and a song "Together again" as the love for 'Amber' was clear and he was never the same after her passing.

The return to Aldeburgh, meeting the family and catching up on news, was a step we had made and the right one. They could not believe i had made the trip up from Skiathos to be there, but as soon as i heard the news, i knew i had to go, and confirmed the following day my decision.

I gathered the cousins together for a photo, on the steps of the Wentorth, very concious that one of us is missing. Trevor you are in our thoughts and we so hope your courage and bravery is rewarded.

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