Dates for the diary 2017 ...

Weekday Date          Holiday name              Holiday type

Sunday 01-Jan-17 New Year's Day                          Public holiday

Friday 06-Jan-17 Epiphany                          Public holiday

Monday 30-Jan-17 The Three Holy Hierarchs          Observance

Monday 27-Feb-17 Clean Monday                  Public holiday

Saturday 25-Mar-17 25th of March                  Public holiday

Friday 14-Apr-17 Good Friday                  Public holiday

Sunday 16-Apr-17 Easter Sunday                  Public holiday

Monday 17-Apr-17 Easter Monday                          Public holiday

Monday 01-May-17 Labor Day / May Day          Public holiday

Sunday 04-Jun-17  Papadiamatis Half Marathon   21km road and off road race

Monday 05-Jun-17 Holy Spirit Monday          Public holiday

Monday 24-Jul-17 The Restoration of Democracy      Observance

Tuesday 15-Aug-17 Dormition of the Holy Virgin   Public holiday

Saturday 28-Oct-17 The Ochi day                   Public holiday

Friday 17-Nov-17 Polytechneio                   Observance

Monday 25-Dec-17 Christmas Day                   Public holiday

Tuesday 26-Dec-17 Synaxis of the Mother of God   Public holiday

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