Dates for the diary 2018 ...

Date Weekday Holiday Name Holiday Type
Jan-01 Monday New Year's Day Public holiday
Jan-06 Saturday Epiphany Public holiday
Jan-30 Tuesday The Three Holy Hierarchs Observance
Feb-19 Monday Clean Monday Public holiday
Mar-20 Tuesday March equinox Season
Mar-25 Sunday 25th of March (national holiday) Public holiday
Apr-06 Friday Good Friday Public holiday
Apr-08 Sunday Easter Sunday Public holiday
Apr-09 Monday Easter Monday Public holiday
May-01 Tuesday Labor Day / May Day Public holiday
May-11 TBA Skiathos Palace Cup Dinghy Racing
May-12 TBA Skiathos Palace Cup Dinghy Racing
May-13 TBA Skiathos Palace Cup Dinghy Racing
May-19 to May 24 Skiathos Open Tennis Club
TBA TBA Skiathos trail run - Half Marathon Running race
TBA TBA Skiathos trail run - 10K  Running race
May-28 Monday Holy Spirit Monday Public holiday
Jun-21 Thursday June Solstice Season
Jul-24 Tuesday The Restoration of Democracy Observance
Aug-15 Wednesday Dormition of the Holy Virgin Public holiday
Sep-23 Sunday September equinox Season
Oct-28 Sunday The Ochi day Public holiday
Nov-17 Saturday Polytechneio Observance
Nov-21 Wednesday Armed Forces Day Observance
Dec-21 Friday December Solstice Season
Dec-25 Tuesday Christmas Day Public holiday
Dec-26 Wednesday Synaxis of the Mother of God Public holiday

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