Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Skiathos Heliport ...

It was the only way to travel ...

Well there are no ferries again today so time for a comeback? No ferries/cat/dolphin running on the route again today so far ...

The heliport was built at Platanias, at a time when a helicopter was the only way to access Skiathos from the air. Onassis-owned Olympic Airways had scheduled passenger helicopter flights from Athens to a string of islands that included Skiathos with Sud SA-321F Super-Frelon helicopters. 

SA 321 F "Hermès" F-OCMF - D. Liron
The helicopter would do the service in 20 minutes, while a boat would do the equivalent service in 6 hours. Helicopters would land and take off on a circular concrete helipad. 

The helipad remained in operation until the Skiathos airport was completed in 1972. 

 (Kyprianos Biris on hellasga.com).
It is still easily recognisable, located just behind the main road, by the Hotel Ostria at Platanias, on the southern shore of the island. 

Source: http://www.forgottenairfields.com

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  1. Great memories - we used this helicopter a couple of times in the late 60's (a welcome change from the usual drive thru Yugoslavia!!)

    1. Hi Simon, Thanks for the comment. What a great thing to have done back then, if you would like to, Could you write something about your experience getting to Skiathos in the 60's?
      You are welcome to publish it here on the blog. Would make a great read.

      Email address is at https://skiathian.blogspot.com/p/contact-skiathian.html

      Hope to hear from you again ...