Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Skiathos supports the inhabitants of the fire damaged areas ...

Tourists and island friends can help ...

By decision of the Local Department of SEA, the Skiathos Hotel Association, the Association of Rooms to Rent and the Skiathos Cultural Association,

On Wednesday 25th July and Thursday, 26th July, from 09.00-21.00, at the Centre of T.T. SEO  which is the Greek Association of Girl guides and girl scouts of Skiathos. (located near to Ermoini supermarket, top of Papadiamantis street, opposite Speedex courier), Parcels of aid for assistance will be gathered for the Attica residents.

The items considered necessary are:

Non-refrigerated and preferably ready-to-eat foods (canned, packaged croissants, biscuits, toasted bread, etc.)

Long-life milk which is kept out of the fridge with baby wipes, cotton, baby diapers, elastoplaster, iodine.

The assistance can also be sent free of charge from Greek Post offices, to the residents of Attica with simple parcels until 31 August 2018.

Flessas transport on the road to Xanemos will also accept goods for free transport to Athens on Wednesday 25th July

According to the relative announcement of the Hellenic Post Administration, the Post offices located in the affected areas are operating properly, and will receive the goods.

Anyone can now help by depositing a parcel of aid to help those affected.

Financial aid:

Check with your bank regarding charges if you donate. Barclays don't charge their customers. Lloyds £9.50

The Municipality of Rafina - Pikermi announced the creation of a special bank account in cooperation with Piraeus Bank for those who wish to contribute to help our fellow citizens:

Piraeus Bank

Bank Account Number: 5186092291418

ΙΒΑΝ: GR20 0172 1860 0051 8609 2291 418

Update on items requested (Shared by Victoria Sandels)

SOS All the centers are full of food and clothes at this time. There is a need for the following:

Vaseline fucidin gauze
• Sterile mesh size gauze
• Sterile gauze large size
• Bottles of serum ringers
• Dextrose serum bottles
• Pulse Oximeters
• Electronic blood pressure monitors
• Flagyll / flogocalm type gels
• Pulvo spray
• Nitrile gloves
• Aluminum beakers
• Disposable masks v2
• Adhesive stitches
• Mild hibitane antiseptic
• AA and AAA batteries
• Painkillers
• Tweezers
• Disposable aprons
• Household cleaners!

You can take them to Flessas transport company, the SEO gathering place up the road and opposite Ermione super market or mail them free of charge at the Greek post office.

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