Saturday, 14 July 2018

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'Foreign flights to the international airport of Skiathos, where more than 15,000 tourists from different countries are expected to land during the week, are expected to go up. The tourist image that is shaped in the heart of this season is encouraging for Skiathos International Airport, which is the main gateway to the international arena for all three islands.

In the week's schedule, 94 flights are recorded, while at the peak of the tourist season, the total number is expected to exceed 100, on a weekly basis, with foreign tourists arriving by air.

This year's image is satisfactory and is totally identical to the views of tourism professionals, who predicted that traffic at Skiathos Airport is expected to show a one-digit growth rate.

"The flow of traffic is normal and we will have an accurate picture at the end of the season," airport airport manager Stefanos Lambropoulos commented, adding that "Skiathos is an international destination." In the meantime, the efforts made by Frapport Greece focus on two directions. The increase of the flights and destinations that are connected by air to Skiathos and at the same time the improvement of the airport image, both operationally and in terms of facilities.

In the planning of the projects concerning Skiathos airport, the renovation of the old terminal, which is already in progress, is recorded, while in the plan of the building upgrading of the airport, the new terminal is also recorded, where the respective interventions are expected to be completed, once the flights abroad. The refurbishment of the new terminal is expected to begin after the end of October, while a series of interventions are under way to provide the best possible service to passengers and the landscaping of the international airport of Skiathos "Alexandros Papadiamantis".

Generally speaking, it is a key hub for incoming tourism, while the Deputy Deputy Mayor of Skopelos, Athena Dakis, says "the air arrives at satisfactory levels. The presence of foreign visitors in Skopelos is noticeable and undoubtedly the airport of Skiathos serves all three islands. " At that time, the total number of tourists, Greeks and foreigners who visit the island, is growing gradually, and according to its estimate, this season will be satisfactory'

Source:Taxydromos Newspaper

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