Saturday, 23 June 2018

Symi 11 ...

Off to the repairs shop ...

A bump to a passenger-ferryboat ship was noted on Thursday afternoon at the port of Skiathos.

The fast ferry "Symi 11", registered in Rhodes, bumped the quay during the mooring operation. It  suffered a small rupture in the left part of its stern above the waterline.

The ship, operating on the return route on the Skopelos-Skiathos-Agios Konstantinos route, carried 66 passengers and 30 crew members, as well as 14 passengers. with their cars and a motorcycle.

The Skiathos Port Authority reports that there is no water inflow or marine pollution. The passengers will be transported, with the care of the ship owning company, to Volos, whilst the vessel was not permitted to leave port.


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