Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Airport upgrade works and the footie ...

Fraport, who now runs our airport (& 14 others) advise ...

Skiathos : To add 2,500 sq.m. to the Terminal, (Relocation of offices and reopening of the old terminal for winter operations),  the runway is to be re-marked, and a new fire brigade and guardhouse. This is being allocated from a total budget of EUR 15.7 million.

At all airports, except for that in Chania, for which there is no need, new luggage handling systems are to be installed.

Works are expected to be completed by the Summer 2109 season ...

Hopefully there will be a sale at Praktika (Greek B&Q) during the winter, to enable the works to take place. Looks like the emphasis is on airside, rather than the cattle market conditions in the main terminal so far this summer.

Cant help thinking that the BAA sale from the old terminal one at LHR, the surplus goods would have come in handy. But if Mussolini could make the trains run on time, Fraport have repaired, and refurbished the loos ...

Quiz time:

Where on earth - well Skiathos according to the Brits are these places ...

Arghus P
troulas beech

Not to mention or forget Scoopolous - Mamma Mia!

World Cup fever:

Question of the day, Where is the best place to watch the football?

Well in Greece just about everywhere. and Skiathos certainly is no different. If you are flying out this week, or at any time in the next few weeks. Then forget any hope of exemplary service, over the next few weeks, if the bar or taverna has a flat screen.

Those that haven't, usually do find one PDQ within the first week - as they are the ones with empty seats, and no customers ...

Come on guys, prove us wrong ...
Down on the old harbour everyone will be showing it. Fantastic atmosphere (If you are a football fan) until that night England get knocked out. Then you will see the saddest sight ever. The head down silent army of white shirts heading for the bus stop.

Best place to view that, anywhere along the new harbour ...

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  1. “Works are expected to be completed by the Summer 2109 season ...”

    90 years even the old Greek owners could do it in a few years less. 😂

  2. " Works are expected to be completed by the Summer 2109 season" this is a typo....but ,there again, they are referring to Skiathos!

    1. Hello David
      Apologies for the late response - Blogger just reinstated comments this evening after the the GDPR rules.
      Just working my way through interesting posts from India !

      Well this is Greece :)