Monday, 28 May 2018

General strike on Wednesday 30th May ...

This Wednesday a general, 24 hour, strike has been announced by many unions in Greece. They protest against austerity, unemployment and over-taxing.

Ferries will not operate, and will stay moored, On the mainland buses, metro, trolley and trains will not operate. Please check with you ferry office if you are planning to travel on this day. Government offices and banks will stay closed.
Journalists for radio, internet and television will also be on strike ...

Skiathos Airport:

Industrial action - Wednesday 30th May from 10am until 13:00pm. No flights will operate into or from Greek airports during this time. Contact your airline or travel agent for information on revised times.

Monday 28/05, 08:00.

"EEEKE (Air Traffic Controllers’ Association of Greece) announcements (En): The Air Traffic Controllers’ Association of Greece would like to inform the public and airlines alike that it has decided to invite its members to participate in the industrial action called on behalf of the Supreme Administration of Public Employees' Associations (ADEDY) on Wednesday May 30th 2018"

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