Saturday, 26 May 2018

Flying Cat 5 ...

Has returned to the islands ...

Monday to Thursday, serving the needs of the islands to/from Volos.

Friday to Sunday will serving the needs of the islands to/from Agios Konstantinos.

The service will operate until Sunday 30th September.

The mayors of the three islands are calling for an extra return of the Flying Cat on Sunday afternoon from the port of Volos to the Northern Sporades. In order to serve the charter flights arriving from Skiathos airport and abroad, who are destined for onward travel to Skopelos and Alonissos.  (Obviously they have not read the timetable) ...

Pentecost weekend:

On Monday it is Pentecost or what we would call the Whitsun holiday. Offices and banks will be closed.

It will be busier in restaurants and bars this weekend, because it is a three-day holiday for the Greek people. (On this occasion the same as the UK)

Many of them will be on the island, from the mainland enjoying the sights, as well as the coffee shops and bars ...

Shake Rattle and Roll - 24th May/25th May:

Five seismic vibrations occurred on the evening of 24th May until dawn on the 25th May in the Sporades, for eight and a half hours.

The first seismic vibration occurred 24th May at 9:10 pm, 30 km north of Alonissos, at a depth of 10km and was 2.3 of the Richter scale. A few minutes later, at 9:35 pm, there was a new seismic vibration, 22 km north-east of Skiathos, at a depth of 10km and was 1.9 magnitude of the Richter scale.

About one and a half hours later, at 11.15 in the evening, 32 km north-east of Skiathos at the same depth, there was a new earthquake, 2.7 Richter this time, and four minutes later, at 11.19 there was a 31 km earthquake. North of Alonissos and at the same depth, a 2.2 magnitude earthquake of the Richter scale.

Finally, 25th May at 05:43 in the morning, 34 km north of Alonissos and 10 km deep, a 2.2 magnitude earthquake of the Richter scale.

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