Thursday, 7 December 2017

Easyjet - Volos ...

Rumours are rife ...

Easyjet are to operate between July and end of August, two times a week,from London Gatwick to Volos. The exact schedule TBC and tickets to go on sale in January 2018.

This has been mentioned before, even making it onto the Easyjet news page 'in error' last year, so we will see what happens ...

From the Taxydromos - online newspaper: Link here

'New prospects open for New Anchialos airport following the agreement "closed" on the initiative of the Thessaly Region with the low-cost airline Easy Jet.

The deal was "sealed" virtually today when representatives of the company were found in Volos in response to a proposal submitted by the Regional Governor of Thessaly Kostas Agorastos during an International Tourism Fair in London.

In the first phase, the cooperation plan includes 20 flights from New Anchialos to London and vice versa, twice a week from early July to September, with 188 seater airplanes.

Easy Jet is expected to announce officially on its website the launch of the London-New Anchialos summer schedule, while the booking system is scheduled to open from January 2018.

The company intends to integrate this airline into its advertising project on the flight magazine that operates on all its flights but also on its other promotional tools (instagram, facebook), which will make a significant contribution to the promotion and promotion of both its airport Nea Anchialos as far as Magnesia and Thessaly'

From Magnesia news - online newspaper: Link here

'An important "Easy Jet" agreement for flights to and from N. Anchialos airport was revealed today, following a meeting held away from the spotlight in the UK. Magnesia. 

According to what has become known, the large eazy jet low-cost airline, which has been hit many times in the past, will launch aircraft from next summer and for two months in the first phase at New Anchialos airport from London'

From e-thessalia news - online newspaper: Link here ...

An easy-to-use EasyJet low-cost airline is moving to London's New Anchialo online from next summer.

Flights to an 188-seat plan will start in July and for two months in the first instance from Gatwick Airport to London to New Anchialos.

As it was known by Regional Director of Thessaly K.Akrastos, representatives of the airline were found in Volos following contacts made during the London exhibition.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Regional Governor Mr. Kolindrinis, the representative of the Magnesia Chamber Mr. Thekla Kammenou, as well as the President of the Hoteliers Association Mr. Zafiiris.

The airline has pledged to fully advertise the airline, hoping that from the summer, the bases will be set to stay in New Anchialos.


  1. Funny it’s almost a year ago except for a few days that this was news. If only the the wind would blow the plane the last 32 miles as the crow flies to Skiathos, it must be the most expensive 32 miles in the world to go direct.

    1. Seems too good to be true, but it has everyone excited again ...

      At least we now know the definitive 'why they are not coming to Skiathos' as well as 'their tourist guys are better than ours'...