Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Easyjet - Volos (4) Buy them tickets ...

VolosDay must be coughing over the cornflakes this morning ...

Easyjet tickets to Volos are on sale ...

Looks like the Volos politicians are better than our politicians after all ...

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  1. Blimey, land at 11:20, depart at 12:00! Do they actually let people off? Twenty minutes for say 100 passengers off and on = 10 people a minute getting out of their seats to get off, going up and down the stairs and sitting down for takeoff, if indeed they get the stairs in position the second it lands. Sorry, I just don't believe that turnaround time. Not to say I don't believe they'll fly, just that turnaround is unbelievable.

    1. Hi Dennis
      Have flown Easyjet on the Athens and Thessaloniki route many times. Its certainly do-able :) They allow time in the schedule to leave late and still arrive on time or early. Ryanair even play a trumpet over the tannoy for an on time or early arrival. How they do it with a four hour plus journey time.

      Quote from Basil in Skiathos 'With the flight times shown on the Easy Jet web site, it looks like you could make the afternoon Sea Cat/ Dolphin to Skiathos, and the same morning journey back to Volos, without the cost of an overnight Hotel stay' ...

    2. Hmm. The schedule shows 6am to 11:20am and 12pm to 13:20pm, just 3 hrs 20 mins - We know it normally only takes 3hrs at most, but that's not a Ryanair 4 hour timetable. But then, Ryanair - nuff said!

    3. I have flown the Athens route, earplugs and eyeshades, but its not bad. They do not seem to have a problem retaining pilots on that route.

  2. That's a shame from my point of view - we only want to stay at one particular accommodation, which is sadly tied in with Thomson as was, as is now TUI, so flight only is not an option for us. Pity really. Although we also don't want to go back to trekking to Gatwick again, real hard journey for us.