Saturday, 9 December 2017

Easyjet - Volos (3) ...

VolosDay have a different view ...

'A lot of noise has been happening in recent days by all those who claim the big achievement of the possible arrival of a low-cost airline in New Anchialos for the summer of 2018. No noise, however, is not justified by things, since it is intended to mislead the citizens of Volos who do not eat ... hay! The overwhelming majority at least.

Although this public disagreement about claiming paternity and the obvious exchange of incense that accompanies it is fun, we need to make it clear that this particular company is coming, if it is finally here, not because it has been convinced by the firm arguments of any politician or the charm and persuasion of any businessman, but simply because he temporarily closes Thessaloniki airport, "Macedonia", because of works!

And so all kinds of politicians try to "smash" a vote and the company, whether this or any other, probably comes for the same reasons, no wizard, in addition'

(Magnesia prefecture local elections, were taking place on Saturday)

Article: here

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  1. Love this bit - "intended to mislead the citizens of Volos who do not eat ... hay!"

    1. Bet they are choking in the stable this morning Dennis ...