Sunday, 19 November 2017

Panagia Kounistria ...

Xronia Polla!

On Sunday, 19 November 2017 at 16:45, the miracle image of the lady of from the metropolitan temple of the three leaders at the birth temple. The will be held and then the mystery of the holy oil with the occasion of the two-day celebration of the of the immaculate conception and polioúcho of our island.

The icon is taken from Tries Hieraches to the top church, Panagia Limania, where it rests overnight

On the 20th the original icon of the Virgin Mary located in the church of Tries Hieraches is removed, and taken to the Kounistra monastery by foot via the mountain route. Along the way a gun salute honours the removal of the icon at Acropolis (by bus stop no. 4). Most of the village will take part in the procession.

Once the icon reaches the monastery prayers are said all night, and a vigil takes place. There will be socialising, coffee annd tsipouro, and for those who cannot stay overnight, buses will return to the village at regular intervals.

On the 21st November Kounistra Monastery celebrates the Presentation of Virgin Mary and at dawn  the icon is returned to Tries Hieraches church in town, along the same route.

The shops will be closed Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday as its an island holiday ...

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