Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Bad Weather ...

There is a weather alert in place ...

See Severe Weather Greece site - Click here

Lightning strikes 09:43am >10:43am
'November decides to show us his real face with strong rains and intense in the west to the north and east Aegean in the next few days.

The intense phenomena have already begun in Corfu to the east, from tonight the phenomena will expand to the east and will affect the other areas.

The winds in the Ionian Sea will reach 8 beauforts. In the Aegean, 5-6 beaufort. The temperature at normal levels for the time. On the maps, we see the storms at that time in the fairly large line of snow that is open to the Ionian islands.

In European photography we see the low swirl in Italy.

Severe Weather across the country for the next 5 days, except Thursday. Intense thunderstorms are affecting already western Greece now, moving slowly to the east by the end of Wednesday'

Pop the Olive nets out quick, the winds may pick them from the trees for you ...

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