Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Fancy a walk in the woods? ...

Thomas Cook Children's Charity Organization   ( TCCC ) aims to improve the lives of children and communities in which they live. 

During September, there is a global charity challenge to all of Thomas Cook 's destinations called "From Las Vegas to Bali"...

Las Vegas and Bali are the western and eastern destinations of Thomas Cook, and the distance between them is 14098 kilometers. Among all of Thomas Cook 's destinations worldwide we aim to cover 14098 kilometers through physical activities and increase the equivalent amount in euros during the month of September. Distances can be monitored in activities such as walking, running, hiking, swimming, etc., as well as in funding and donation events.

As part of this challenge, There will be a walk, which will take place on Sunday 17th September starting at 10:30 from stop No 23 and ending at the same spot around 12:00 noon. The walk will take you through the Mandraki pine forest to the beautiful bay of Mandraki Elias.

 Anyone interested in participating should be at the starting point at 10:00 in the morning to bring their own water and a donation of 3 euro per person.

If you prefer someone to donate separately and support this remarkable purpose, you will have to go through the offices of Thomas Cook & Hellenic Island Services, which are at the end of Evangelistria Street (next to the pet shop).


Best September for years, all those 'chilly willies' who said you need to bring a cardigan, need to get some serious feedback for wasted suitcase space ...

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