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Skiathos, one of the best years ...

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The  green island of Sporades,  with its exceptional golden beaches, seems to  be breaking down every record of the past , since the beginning of June shows hotels reaching 100%.

One of its best times, and probably the best one, is Skiathos on the tourism side,  as evidenced by figures and numbers,  making the island one of the flags of the great industry of Greek tourism. The previous month was spectacular in terms of tourist arrivals at Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport  ,  which grew by 14.2% compared to the corresponding period of 2016, according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

The  majority of tourists in Skiathos and this year comes from the UK, with British tourists accounting for 51%  of the total number of tourists. This year, the British, traditionally regarded as the oldest skiers in Skiathos,  seem to have reduced their holiday budget due to the insecurity caused by Brexit.  However, arrivals from Great Britain in June increased by 6.6%.

The  increase in arrivals of tourists was also spectacular in June, according to Skiathos Hotel Association after an increase of 24.3%.  The Italians are the second best customer for Skiathos, accounting for 34% of all tourists. Already in the current tourist season Skiathos is connected directly with 14 Italian airports and at the peak of the tourist season  from Rome and Milan there are two flights per day.

A large increase in June also recorded arrivals from Scandinavian countries and especially from Sweden, increasing by  30.5%, which means opening up a new dynamic tourist market. The most spectacular rise was recorded in arrivals from Germany, which recorded an increase of 49.7% in June , since for the German tourists the island was almost unknown and their preference was towards the land of Greece.

A significant share in June was also attributed to arrivals from Balkan countries, mainly from Romania and Serbia, and to a lesser extent from Bulgaria. Finally, the current month as far as the figures so far will be the best July of all time, since the fullness already reaches 100%,  according to Skiathos Hotel Association, and the same picture is expected to be presented in August.

Characteristic of the great tourist climb  for the Sporades, and especially for Skiathos, are the arrivals of aircraft last weekend, which reached 69 from all over Europe,  bringing more than 10,000 passengers to the island, while the same picture also shows arrivals by ferry.

However all may not be as it seems ...

Following the article, there was feedback from businesses on the island from their perspective. So an update has been posted

It makes for interesting reading - Form your own opinion, who is right ...

'AVANTI FM listeners and site readers of www. and our station's FB-page, we were told over 90%, That we are going through one of the worst years ever! That's because not only the English visitors have reduced their budget due to Brexit, but also because the shift that our island has made to Balkan target markets has brought new "elements" to the market of our island. 
The situation is as follows. Visitors who do not spend at all, cars full of food, rented rooms that have become restaurants because they all cook in the rooms, while for the first time there is an increase in small thefts in shops'

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  1. 1/ Not much chance of getting reasonably air fares then with all that demand.
    2/ Someone has let the word out how good Skiathos is.
    3/ The last time the Germans were here in numbers was 1941.