Friday, 18 August 2017

Skiathos Airport reports increased passenger numbers ...

More than 12,000 arrivals of tourists are expected during the week ...

'Encouragement from abroad and increased passenger traffic are recorded at Skiathos Airport, with total arrivals last month totaling 104,604 people, of which 9,981 were Greeks traveling by air from domestic routes. Also very positive is the image of August, as traffic at the same airport is at its peak, and is expected to be sustained next month.

According to the statistics recorded, in the first half of August there were 55,321 arrivals of tourists, of which 4,529 are Greeks who traveled domestic flights from Athens.

At the peak of the tourist season, the total number of flights on a weekly basis is impressive and translates to 111 flights in total and more than 12,000 tourists a week from August 14th to Sunday 20th August.

Commenting on the image of the air traffic on the island, Stefanos Lambropoulos, airport manager at Skiathos Airport, told TACHYDROMOS that at the present time the arriving tourists are more than those who depart while at the same time there is a dynamic because Skiathos is Destination for English, Italian and Scandinavian tourists.

At the same time, he notes that a similar positive image has been recorded by Fraport for all the airports managed by the company, as the flight and passenger routes are very satisfactory and there is a positive sign on arrivals.

Meanwhile, one million extra passengers were traveled to 14 Fraport regional airports in the January-July 2017 seven-month period, compared to the same quarter of 2016.

International arrivals in the seven months increased by 14.1%, while July increased by 10.3%, according to data. A total of 10,662 million passengers were traded over the 7-month period against 9,334 million passengers last year.

In July, they were 4,157 million from 3,769 million in the same month last year.

It should be noted that there are no negative signs at all aerodromes, which are indicative of the dynamics of Greek tourism and this year' 


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  1. Four billion (4,157 million) in July? No wonder they were concerned about getting a seat on the bus or a sunbed on the beach!

    1. Quote: 'In July, they were 4,157 million from 3,769 million in the same month last year'

      Where did the 'Billion' come from Dennis? Its Fraport International arrivals not Skiathos he is commenting on.

      I am sure you and Vera will get a seat on the bus, both airport and island versions :)

  2. 1,000 million = 1 billion.

    Or are they using the comma as a continental decimal point?

    Yes, we'll be OK on the buses, (although our Kostas is no longer driving one at the airport). I wonder if I'm still in leg dressings when we go, whether I can swing the "assistance" game again to beat the queues by wheelchair. :-)

    1. You are far better with numbers than me, once the fingers run out, I am stuffed ...

      Grab all the assistance you can - You are a VIP!

    2. PS: Its certainly a comma for a decimal point ...