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Skiathos, 23 August 1944 ...

The story goes ...

August 23rd is for the landmark landmark and the top anniversary of its history. Here the inhabitants who lived on the day this horror, and the terror at dawn of 23rd August 1944 ...

The Nazis with the militia, their Greek partners attacked the island, shortly before dawn, to punish the civilian population for the arrest of the North Aegean German Commander Joseph Adler On 12 August by Rebels Rebels.

Adler, a member of the Nazi party, was responsible for the terror, and robbing the islands and the people of the islands. Who gave him the nickname mileoúni, from the mileoúnia, for the millions he asked for.

(Joseph Adler. Nicknamed by Greeks as "Millionen", demanded 1 million Reichsmark per civilian hostage)

The arrest was made on the order of headquarters of the middle east in the 54th regiment, which was held in pelion. The German Commander was arrested in a bloodless, and characterless manner and was transferred to Cairo.

On the same day of his arrest, the inhabitants of Skiathos, fled their homes and hid in the mountains. The Germans on learning the commander's kidnapping, deciding on hard retaliation against the civilians.

The day after the arrest of, the Germans raided, and arrested 18 people. They moved them to Glossa and there, following actions of local authorities, twelve were released. They threatened to execute the six they held and burn the town, if in days Adler was not set free.

The German threats were advised to the American mission and they replied: ' we cannot do anything about the hostages. We regret it, but unfortunately fate has brought it to pay for the need for the allied race. As for, Skiathos let it be destroyed - We will rebuild a better Skiathos post-war "... 

The allies have failed to comply with their promise. Neither the reconstruction of the skiathos has been strengthened nor any compensation provided to the relatives of the victims.

After ten days in the mountains, the inhabitants began to return to their homes.

On the same night of Tuesday 22nd to Wednesday 23rd August, in the morning, the skiathítes woke up from the hum and, sounds coming from the port.

Skiathos had warships in the harbour, and at Megali Amos. They rang the church bells and called on the residents to gather at the port. They invaded the houses, pushing and hitting the residents.

All over the beach, they have rigged machine guns pointing towards the city. They gather and close the world at a beach cafe, over 200 people, women, children, elderly and young men found in the village. "if you don't tell within 5 minutes where the rebels are, we'll blow you up the way you are".

But the spirit of resistance had forged a high spirit and had made gritty even women and children and faced with courage even the threat of death. They insist on not knowing where the men are.

Most of them, of course, knew that the Prophet Elijah was a rebel group of rebels (6-7 people) who could not face the strong German forces, who had come from Volos. 

A girl understands German and hears that they have orders to blow up the store. People freeze in front of the sight and fear of death. They take out the man who keeps his little son in the arms, and tell him to put him down.

Father leaves his child with anguish. They take him back from the cafe and put him on the wall ... Parisi left five orphans.

A new raider is coming, and it seems to have changed the order. "within three minutes to vacate the premises, ' cause we will start to burn the skiathos". open the doors and the people of distraught are running from their homes to the mercy of Nazi.

The wolves were spilling over the entire village. In Street nearby they kill two new children years old, leonidas kandarákia and koúkia.

A young and strong kid fought with the German and knocked him down and maybe killed him. But then there was another German, and when he saw koúkia hit his partner, he killed him.

They're starting to bomb the village. They rush into the neighborhoods and throw a yellow incendiary powder like sulfur and set the village on fire.

They scream and scream. Among the malitia many speak Greek. They call each other with Greek names. They're militia dressed in German uniforms. Under St.Nicholas a bedridden old lady,'s life ended, she was screaming and couldn't get out and found a horrible death in the flames. At the same time, the invaders were looting houses. 

That afternoon, a storm broke out, which extinguished the fire and avoided the disaster of the village.

At night, the militia wiped out the remaining fire sites and placed guards to protect the homes of the loot. The next day was the funeral of the dead in general mourning and heartbreak.

The Nazis then completed their criminal action. They tied the six hostages behind the ships and drowned them in the open sea, sailing towards Thessaloniki.

So entered the long line of 1.200 villages and small and large cities, which were torched by the conqueror, and paid the heavy price of. The Nazis left and the area on August 29, 1944 and a few days before they left, they sailed the islands.

In the burning of the island of the Nazis, the houses that were burned or damaged by the bombings or burned their households amount to 359.

Despite the interstate agreements later and the actions of the fire and the families of the victims, no compensation was granted by the German state.

This solemn historic anniversary marks the great offer of in the served race, almost its participation in the national resistance, the mass conscription of its children to the ranks of and the heavy price, which was paid on August 23th.

In the post-war years, there has been a systematic effort, as is everywhere in Greece, this historic anniversary to be tarnished and tarnished (with the despicable claim that the Germans were not guilty, but the Greeks who fought them and caused reprisals).

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