Sunday, 20 August 2017

Renovation And Expansion Of Skiathos Airport ...

Airports News: 

The renovation works at the 14 regional airports in Greece that are under the control of Fraport Greece, are expected to begin in September.

From September, the construction of the construction sites at the 14 regional airports will commence, with the contractor expected to complete the works within 48 weeks, according to the concession contract. These projects will have a budget of 400 million euros and will be implemented by the Intrakat technical company.


The expansion works are scheduled to be starting next month at Skiathos Airport.

In detail, a new luggage system will be installed at Skiathos, the baggage room will be expanded and the office space will be relocated within the existing facility. The terminal will expand by 2.953m2, providing sufficient capacity, by the end of the concession period.

(Presumably they are going to extend the departure hall into the office space)

Previously announced - Click Link: here

• Extending and remodeling the current terminal
• Reorganizing the airport apron area
• 39 percent increase in the total size of the airport at 9,511 m2 after an extension of the total size of the current buildings of the terminal
• 11 percent increase in the number of check-in counters (from 9 to 10)
• 33 percent increase in the number of departure gates (from 3 to 4)
• Doubling of security-check lanes (from 1 to 2)

Fraport - Greece:

For all development projects, Fraport Greece will invest at least € 330 million by 2021. For the remainder of the 40-year concession period, it will carry out additional maintenance and upgrading projects at airports, with a total investment of approximately € 1 billion.

Since April, when the airports were granted for 40 years in the Greek-German scheme, small-scale maintenance work has been carried out. These include, inter alia, general cleaning, lighting and signaling improvements, upgrading of sanitary areas and improving fire safety.

The main objective of Fraport Greece's managers is to raise the level of the services offered with the assistance of the staff that will staff all sectors. The Airport Manager at Skiathos Airport also underlined that the personnel of the Hellenic Air Force remained, while 14 additional persons from Fraport Greece were recruited, who were allocated to various specialties.

Increase revenue

According to the results of the first half of the German group Fraport, revenues are up (+ 10.7%) due to Fraport Greece, with passenger traffic at 14 airports exceeding 9.6 million (+ 11.9%).

Fraport Greece posted revenue of € 58.2 million, EBITDA of € 25.2 million and EBIT of € 15.2 million. However, in the first half of the year there were losses of € 3.6 million.

In total for this year, the growth rate expected by Fraport Greece to rise to 2.2%.

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