Thursday, 31 August 2017

Last day of August ...

Its also one of the technical last days of summer ...

If you are a Greek businessman that date occurred on the Greek Bank Holiday, back on August 15th. However the meteorological autumn begins on 01 September (Tomorrow) and ends on 30 November.

This astronomical autumn begins on 22 September and ends on 20 December.

So with autumn around the corner, or just hours away, its hard to believe in five weeks time, it will be all over for another year.

Hopefully September will put some smiles on the visitors faces, I have never known a year for so much negativity on the forums, and pages. So many disgruntled Skiathos holidaymakers it seems, but as they loose their love, others will fall in love with the island, and replace them.

So as the ferries pull away, and the Brits and Scandies stay, to enjoy the island.  This is the month when the tills need to keep ringing. Its a long winter and the island businesses will certainly know who their friends are ..

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1 comment:

  1. Some sweet day, I'll make her mine, pretty flamingo
    Then every guy will envy me
    'Cause paradise is where I'll be

    Manfred Mann must have been to Skiathos :-)