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George Paul, John but no Ringo ...

The Beatles in Skiathos on Wednesday 26/7/1967

The Clip you see comes from the Macedonian newspaper of 9/8/1967 (Wednesday) and refers to the presence of the Beatles in Skiathos, where they also gave a... somewhat specific live performance - although without Ringo Starr, who had already left Greece  from 25/7 (rather) for family reasons. 
For this cruise, which had to do with the "idea" of John Lennon to find the Beatles some small Greek Island, with the help of magic Alex, to buy it to turn it into something like... Hippie camp 

He remembers his own George Harrison...

“We rented a boat and sailed it up and down the coast from Athens, looking at islands. Somebody had said we should invest some money, so we thought: 'Well, let's buy an island. We'll just go there and drop out.' It was a great trip. John and I were on acid all the time (SS. The normal ... over the nose of the junta), sitting on the front of the boat playing ukuleles. Greece was on the left; a big island on the right. The sun was shining and we sang 'Hare Krishna' for hours and hours. 

Eventually we landed on a little beach with a village, but as soon as we stepped off the boat it started pouring with rain. There were storms and lightning, and the only building on the island was a little fisherman's cottage - so we all piled in: ''Scuse us, squire. You don't mind if we come and shelter in your cottage, do you?'. 

The island was covered in big pebbles, but Alex (SS. Alexis 'Magic Alex' Marda ) said, 'It doesn't matter. We'll have the military (SS. Would clean up that regime ) come and lift them all off and carry them away.' But we got back on the boat and sailed away, and never thought about the island again”.

From The Beatles Anthology [Chronicle Books, San Francisco 2000]

In the extract of Macedonia, repeat, derived from the newspaper of 09.08.1967 (Wednesday) refers, as has already been read, that ... "the Beatles arrived at SKIATHOU aboard a yacht". But what Wednesday are we talking about?

No way was Wednesday 02/08/1967, because, first, we read in the article "July sun" and of course, why, then, the Beatles had left Greece - in the book The Beatles A Day in the Life [Omnibus Press , London 1980] stated that on 1 August '67 George Harrison flew to Los Angeles, to attend a live of Ravi Shankar at the Hollywood Bowl.

This means that this article, although posted on 9/8, It must be delivered to the newspaper in the late July and so the "Wednesday" in Skiathos can not be other than 26/7.

Source: Ioannis Georgios Garyfallou

So the weather was changeable for the Beatles too ...

Last night there was a thunderstorm, and rain. Its a grey day for arrivals and departures. More stormy weather west in the Mediterranean. Has Autumn arrived on the island ...

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