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Bravo Amanda ...

... and the Attikon cinema team


Lydia - Mamma Mia ... in Croatia
POLICY 05.08.2017 : 20:16

"After you are in Skiathos you must definitely go with your children to Mamma Mia. They should not lose it as many times as they have ever seen. Because here is not a simple projection of the project, but something really original that you will be happy and you, it is enough to book in time ".

The friend's incitement brought curiosity to the company and so we booked tickets for everyone. Well, you will not believe it. In the beautiful Summer Cinema "Attikon" of Skiathos, four times a week, and for the whole summer, the following crazy thing is happening: While Mamma Mia is being shown, ABBA's songs are already on the first scene and they are on the stage In front of the screen some young people (rather actors) with excellent voices who manage in a few minutes to turn the work into an unprecedented interactive musical. What I mean;

In the show I saw the scene filled every so many dozens of boys and girls and older people - Greeks and mainly foreign tourists - who were on stage to become the choir of Meryl Streep, Piers Brosnan and Amanda Safed, with the original "Animeter" does not even need to give the tone after a while. Until the break, there was not even a spectator who did not sing the ABBA songs, and in the ballads the cinema was transformed into an ecclesiastical choir.

Our children are meant to go crazy, while searching for a bit to learn how this paradoxical spectacle arose, my surprise grew even bigger, as I found out that everything started in 2008 completely random and spontaneous. It was then the first year that Mamma Mia was screened all over the world and the strangers who succeeded in winning the summer work in Skiathos were so excited to be on one of the islands that was filmed to spontaneously step on the stage to " And sing along with the famous actors.

And somehow, the owners of "Attikon", without themselves too busy, became producers of this paradox spectacle, which has since been constantly rising over the last nine summers with all the performances - four weeks each week - sold out as foreigners Greek tourists learn that in "Attikon" when playing Mamma Mia is a party and they want to live it.

Especially watching the strangers rejoice so much even in the Greek "paradox" of the summer cinema, my mind went together in one last year's visit to the beautiful Damouhari of Pelion. And again I remembered the surprise I had felt when I realized that the local taverns even today, nine years after the show of Mamma Mia, show their place with great pictures showing scenes from the movie against the backdrop of the enchanting beach that was filmed. The same thing is happening in Skopelos where most Mamma Mia was filmed. Even today, thousands of tourists visit her to see the beautiful landscapes chosen by the director, while a friend told me that something like this is happening in Amorgos,

For those who have not yet guessed the occasion of today's note, I will tell you in one sentence. When I came out of Skiathos summer cinema I was in front of Lydia Koniordou, I think I would not be able to stop her from ... catching it. Or, to be exact, I would force her by all means to reveal how the demon of her ministry managed to lose Greece shooting the second Mamma Mia, which will eventually be filmed in Croatia. Because it is a real feat for a minister of culture to know, like all Greeks, how much our country has benefited from its unbelievable visibility through this film and sends Meryl Streep and other actors to turn its course in Croatia.

And even more outrageous is that Mrs. Konidoros did not even feel the need to explain to the public her success or even to deny the version of production that her ministry was asked to bend the bureaucratic procedures and to give some tax imperfections, Which, of course, promptly helped the Croats to meet. You will tell me, Mrs. Konidord would have more serious issues to deal with. Like proclaiming a listed monument a tavern in Epidaurus or shaking as she used her hands to clean the negative aura from her ministry.

ΥΓ. The story-telling of the story is that after the outcry, SYRIZA announced that it is enacting a law that will motivate foreign producers. They will be implemented, however, after 2018. Do not hurry children, we have time (to expel other productions).

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