Monday, 19 June 2017

Skiathos bans plastic bags this summer ...

Yes really ... reports ...

The island is launching the ASAP programme (Active Skiathos Against Plastic bags)

Plastic bags will soon be a thing of the past for the Greek island of Skiathos, one of the most beautiful resorts in the country, which has voted to ban their use in line with European directives. The island is launching the ASAP programme (Active Skiathos Against Plastic bags) run by the MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network, which is to run until the end of June 2018, with a beach-cleaning activity on Friday.

Funded by BeMed (Beyond Plastic Med), the Thalassa Foundation, Skiathos municipality and MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network, the ASAP pilot programme will strive to increase public awareness and sensitise the public to this issue. It mirrors a similar programme successfully adopted by the island of Alonissos, another island in the Sporades group, using tried-and-tested methods and tools to get islanders on board, such as beach-cleaning, consultation processes, distribution of fabric shopping bags etc.

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So all the household rubbish will be bagged up, and left outside in the street, in free fancy fabric bags instead ? This will take some believing changing the culture ...


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    1. Lets hope they survive, remember all the posts about 'Scented Nappy Sacks' nearly as popular as 'Are there Mosquitos' ...

  2. A few years ago an environmental tax on these plastic bags were suggested. This was dropped.

    They found out 80% was used to pack other garbage, 15% reused for other purposes, 4% recycled directly and < 1% ended up as waste in nature.

    I mean they should focus on other areas, among them shipping, off shore industry etc. They are the big plastic polluters

    1. Even plastic turning up in the food chain. Stop unwanted plastic bags, charge for them like in the UK. How to save 5p and the environment very quickly ...

  3. Am I missing something? Why not simply ban them and say only paper or fabric ones can be used? And you can use scented paper ones in the toilet bin.

    1. Hi Dennis

      I think you stand more success with your webcam, than banning plastic bags. Any news on that funding idea ?