Friday, 30 June 2017

Serious heat and flight delays ...

Yesterday it reached 33.2 °C at 13:43 at the weather station in town ...

That was easily bypassed by 11am ...

The official high today was 38.9 °C at 12:46 recorded at the weather station in town ...

Severe weather Greece advises ...

While most parts of central, western and northern Europe is having a more autumn mood... Starting from today until Sunday evening in most areas of Greece, an intense heat wave, BUT not unusual for this time of year (record of temperatures on June were 10 years ago on the 24th - 27th of June 2007 where Athens had 46,2°C , Thessaloniki 41,4°C, Larisa 44,6°C, Argos 46o°C, will take place.

Temperatures from 40°C tomorrow , climbing up to 44°C during Friday and Saturday. Locally it's possible to exceed 45°C! Calm winds, some dust from Africa, but in some cases, low humidity.

Temperatures will not drop under 30°C in large cities, such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Larisa, Volos, Lamia, Argos etc.

From Sunday afternoon in most parts of western and northern Greece, fresh NW winds will start , bringng the heat wave to an end by the end of the day in central Greece, and by early morning in most parts of continental Greece.

Drink lots of fluids stay cool and calm! It will get cooler soon ...

Airport Delays

The Small Planet from LGW went tech and had a six hour delay.. This flight has now been cancelled with a scheduled departure at 07:00 on Saturday.

Eurocontrol are restricting aircraft movement both in UK and Greece. The aircraft apron at Skiathos was restricted until lunchtime.

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  1. Ye Ian.
    I'm here/there and it is indeed hot with very little in the way of a breeze to temper the heat.
    As wet out of the sea as in it.