Sunday, 4 June 2017

Pentecost Sunday ...

As terrorism once again strikes the streets of London. This morning the Tries Hieraches church in Skiathos will be very busy - Its a very religious day on Skiathos ...

Pentecost in Greece happens fifty days after Greek Easter. While in some Christian denominations, this religious holiday slides by with relatively little fanfare, in Orthodox Greece Pentecost is vigorously celebrated. For the more secularly-minded traveler in Greece, it can even be thought of as a kind of "second Easter" if you've unfortunately missed the first.

It occurs on the seventh Sunday after Easter, or the "Fiftieth Day", and commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is also known as Trinity Sunday.

"Pente" in Pentecost is an easy way to help remember the number "five" in Greek if you can associate it with the "50 days". Like other religious holidays in Greece, such as Easter itself and the Feast of the Virgin Mary on August 15th, transit schedules may shift and extra ferries or ferry stops may be added to accommodate Pentecost travelers {}

The observance is much less than Easter, however there are many visitors from the mainland enjoying the lovely weather.

Its the first big earning weekend of the summer. The cafes and tavernas should be very busy this morning and  lunchtime, But rest assured they will never run out of, either coffee or tsipouro ...

Monday will be a public holiday ...

6th Trail Run Half Marathon 

Skiathos Mountain Bikes in cooperation with the Municipality of Skiathos organize with the support of Sponsors the 6th Trail Run Half Marathon (21km) titled 'Follow Alexandros Papadiamantis' on Sunday June 4th 2017

At the same time with the Half Marathon there another race of 10km will be held as well with a route that goes through Skiathos Town Monuments and Culture.

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