Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Thoughts ...

Are with people in Manchester - especially the children ...

The blog is read by hundreds of people each day from the UK. I sincerely hope none are affected by this tragedy, but it will be hard to imagine that there will be no Skiathos friends, who do not know someone ...

Manchester. United by Stuart Latarche

So I suppose you think you're clever with what you've gone and done?
To target those so innocent and young, who were simply having fun
You may have done some damage in the name of your "just" cause,
But we have a message to send; our bombs are louder than yours

But our bombs aren't filled with hate or metal shards and broken glass
Ours are filled with love and hope to mend those broken hearts
An explosion of emotion to show the world we care
To bring us all together, to show that we aren't scared

To help all those wounds to start to mend
To show our families this does not have to be an end
To not let some coward win and tear us all apart
To live our lives with those we lost still living in our hearts

So whilst elections may temporarily divide us
Events like this must do nothing but unite us
Let's not live in a world of which we're scared
Choose love, choose hope as hate cannot compare

No photos/talk or posts today - just think of the children ...

Yesterdays Blog: Update from the Olive Grove ....

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