Thursday, 18 May 2017

Anyone for ...

Freshly 'Home made' Hummus ...

A personal favourite, especially in place of butter when you have a cheese sandwich.

Want to try it yourself?  The recipe is here on My Greek Dish ...

Yes it tastes so much better than that stuff you buy in the shop. But you have to keep tasting it and adding lemon and salt to find what you like. It tastes very good indeed,  however once you have added the garlic, amd perhaps you like it a bit garlicy, Then am not sure you can detect what you like most after that.

Top tip go to Marrks and Spencer afterwards. If you sail through the queue to the front. You overdid the garlic ...

Always plenty of pulses on a Greek island, which come in handy if there is a ferry strike, Its been extended another 48 hours. Round the island via Kati Yorgi is a popular excursion. The three tavenas will be well stocked and awaiting your custom ...

Off limit subjects for discussion today based on the last 24 hours:
  • Early starts to get to Skiathos
  • Flight Delays
  • Flight Delay Compensation
  • Never coming to Skiathos again
  • Strikes - ATC 
  • Strikes - Ferries
  • The Weather - Actual 
  • The Weather - Forecast

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