Monday, 10 April 2017

All change at the airport (1) ...

All change today today for Skiathos Airport, which will now be operated by the German company Fraport Greece, after the concession made by the State for the next 40 years. 

As reported Skiathos airport is among the fourteen Greek airports franchised to the German company Fraport with a fairly satisfactory price for the Greek government to raise income funds. 

This afternoon it was expected to perform the handover ceremony of the airport with the procedure to be formal, as the Aerolimenarchis K. Petrakis will sign the relevant protocols.

The airport has eight people as staff and, as Mr. Petrakis is highly profitable and last year recorded an increase in passenger arrivals and departures. Especially close to 400,000 passengers came and went last summer via Skiathos airport. 

"On Monday, the airport passed to the new regime, as granted for 40 years in the German company. And already all the relevant checks on the materials have been made, the equipment and other airport structures," said the airport manager. 

The German company is scheduled to go into specific tasks to upgrade the airport giving the new development impetus for attracting more tourists. 

Skiathos Mayor  Mr. Prevezanos said "we hope that after the concession of the airport by the State to the German company there will be a a development, as the Germans are known to have a program, project, and will want to exploit the international nature of the airport . 

In the summer we have three weekly flights from the London City airport. While at a German and two Italian tourism exhibitions that I participated this year, I saw the desire of foreigners to gain connection to the airport of the island is well known abroad. "

It is noted that the Fraport intends to proceed to the following operations to Skiathos airport setting and objectives: 

1) Expansion and remodeling of the terminal,
2) Reorganization of the apron,
3) 39% increase of the total area of ​​the terminal at 9.511m with the extension of existing buildings,
4) 11% increase in Check-in stations (9 to 10),
5) 33% increase in the total number of gates (3 to 4);
6) Double baggage zones (1 to 2). 

Fotis Spanos newspaper Thessaly


  1. Great news. As a regular visitor I have always thought that the terminal which is the first & last thing tourists see has let the island down, I look forward to seeing improvements in the coming years. :)

    1. At the moment it seems all airport terminals are shoppinx centres, covered in a soft layer of fresh cut marble dust from building works.
      It will be a while before you see any improvement but it will come.

  2. Let's hope they can attract more airlines that don't have rip off airfares.

    1. Agree and the BA prices were a bargain, but have gone up as availabilty reduced with bookings ...

  3. Agreed. Wish British low cost airlines would provide flights.

    1. Easyjet and Ryanair are out of the picture, BA stepped in and grabbed high summer. Had the slots reserved last year - Clever ...