Friday, 24 March 2017

Airport news ...

Fraport Greece has released its plans and mockup designs of the projects, developments and renovations for the upgrades to 14 of Greece’s major regional airports it will soon manage and operate.

Here is a mockup design of Skiathos airport 

According to Fraport, upgrade works will contribute significantly to improving the overall customer travel experience at the Greek airports, while responding to the expected increase in tourism all over Greece.

By 2021, Fraport Greece will have invested in excess of 330 million euros for development works at the airports.

Once Fraport Greece takes over operations before the launch of the summer season, immediate actions at all airports will include general clean-up; improving lighting, marking of airside areas; upgrading sanitary facilities; enhancing services and offering new free WiFi, plus implementing works to improve fire safety in all the areas of the airports.

“The above projects are expected to improve the travel experience for passengers at the airports, until the major works are completed in 2021,” the company said in its announcement.

Fraport Greece’s major development works to be implemented during the first four years  include building five new passenger terminals — at the airports in Thessaloniki, Corfu, Kos, Kefalonia and Lesvos, plus modifications at Chania, Santorini, Action, Kavala, Samos, Rhodes, Skiathos and Zakynthos.

The significant improvements for increasing the total capacity of the airports and the quality of services also include increasing the number of check-in counters, security-check lanes, departure gates, and the number of aircraft parking stands.

Refurbishment projects at the 14 airports will be implemented for all runways, the existing terminals, sanitary facilities, 14 fire stations, airport apron areas, and 100 diesel generators. Baggage screening systems featuring the latest technology will also be installed at all of the airports.

An important element of Fraport Greece’s new project is to makeover the external and internal look of the airports.

“Indeed, the neat and, in some cases new, architectural designs will offer a new image at these 14 ‘gateways of Greek tourism’ – thus creating a pleasant travel experience to millions of passengers every year.”


At least the Brits will be pleased the loos will get fixed one day ...


  1. Yes, the toilets could be improved. I always remember the first time I went to Skiathos. After consuming copious amounts of liquid courage for the flight, I was really ready for the toilets in the arrival hall, onoly to find that of the two men's facilities, one was closed and the other was beginning to overflow. Now I always use the inflight facilities whilst over Jugoslavia (as was). But I feel sympathy for all those who dare not do so for fear of being sucked down the flushing thing.

    1. What is it with the Brits fascination for Skiathos toilets? Talking about them, moaning about them. Even photographing them ...