Friday, 13 January 2017

The heroic Captain of the Proteus ...

Report from the TACHYDROMOS newspaper
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More than two decades, from 1992 at sea, taming the roughened waves the captain of the "Proteus", George Anthony, from Glossa, which keeps under adverse weather conditions open the supply line of the Sporades.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the same, the ship yesterday approached the night port of Alonissos, despite blowing strong intensity winds 9 Beaufort in order to be transported to the island Fire forces, soldiers and equipment to assist the problems recovery efforts caused by the onslaught of snowball.

Speaking in TACHYDROMOS , the always humble captain, said that every possible effort in order to serve the islands. In this context, amended yesterday's route, so that the passenger - ferry "Proteas" to successively reach Skiathos, Language and Alonissos.

The ground forces and machinery are transported to the "Proteus" in the islands to help local forces, despite the snowstorm and high winds that hinder the daily lives of residents of Skopelos and Alonissos.

Describing the image facing the past few days, Mr. Anthony notes that "Skopelos and Alonissos is much worse and the three islands, because they have accepted the hardest hit because of recent days blizzard."

The aim of the heroic captain is covered, even under adverse conditions, increased demand and the supply of the islands, and as he says "try for the best and we need to do more than what we can."

Asked if he has ever felt danger, the captain of the "Proteus" noted that "not reached the point to feel, because before we reach an impasse, stop and turn back and do something different, the permissible, everything within." Meanwhile, the supply of the islands firmly maintained in the same state that it is always on the side of the islanders for their best convenience.

In human terms, the captain points out that the first and main concern is to serve the world, the inhabitants of the islands, in the best possible way "because we are human and mistakes are human," as he points out. In closing, George Antoniou stresses that "the boat serves at any time and ask our mayors, respond immediately."

Video of the Proteus boat in a strong blizzard, between Alonissos and Skopelos ...

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 PS: Its Friday the 13th - 'Lets be careful out there' ...

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