Friday, 28 July 2017

Strange weather ...

Continues, on Skiathos and just about everywhere else ...

Greece had some 'very intense' local thundertorms yesterday, and that put the dampers on a few peoples last day on the rock.

Photo from video by - Lyndsay Aspinall

There was a weather alert for Thessaloniki, Kavala and the Sporades yesterday, as the storms tracked across the mainland from the Ionian - and Italy the day before.

This is whats known as a 'Whales mouth' cloud, over Skiathos. and has been shared on the 'Severe weather Greece' site - So its special!

From a different perspective more dramatic skies ...

Photo - Despina Vassiliadu
Rada Seaside Restaurant - Vasilias Beach

If you think, just another dark cloud, and a bit of rain, look up on Mr Google, what happened when they made it over to Istanbul and Turkey yesterday evening ...

Thursday, 27 July 2017

A quick question ...

"I am a terrible flyer and" ...

What do they mean refuel?
(All planes refuel somewhere)

I have never landed anywhere!
(Obviously only takes one way trips)

'I hear' that the runway is so short
(No its not, even a B767 landed there once - It took off too)

Whats best for nerves Diazepam or a pint of Peroni in departures?
(Buy some false nails and chew them)

Whats the best Mossie repellent?
(Staying in the UK)

'I hear' the buses are packed, and I cant stand confined spaces
(If you fly here, and use the bus to the terminal, its no worse than that)

Apparently there is a mob mentality at the bus stops
(Only the Brits queue for anything)

I waited two hours to get to town, not one bus stopped!
(Throttle back on the Jungle formula, you are taking the colour out of the bus seats)

'I hear' its full of young 'Larger' louts
(Actually they are drinking Greek Champagne - Must be Italians)

There are hundreds of young Greeks just walking up and down
(They are waiting for the clubs to open after you have stumbled home)

Can you tell me where to get cheap (Beer/Car Hire/Cocktail/three course meal and honeymoon table)
(In peak season - Nowhere)

Will I need a cardi?
(Only to look hip, and use as a bandana, its forty degrees)

What is the exchange rate in Skiathos, at the moment? Its lousy in the UK!
(What makes you think it will be better there, to unload your UK currency)

Can you tell me the price of Booze and fags in Duty Free? and whats in stock?
(Its a shop - Duty Free was abolished years ago)

"My friend is on the island, they just texted and said" ...

I paid for a five star and got this ...
(Its Greek five stars, like that on the brandy)

The taxi driver would not take my dollars/yen/last years turkish lira !
(Did he have 'mobile bureau of exchange' written on the side of his Mercedes?)

There were drunk people singing on the bus and shouting outside the hotel
(Its Thursday night, they go home tomorrow)

The queues at the airport are outrageous, making us stand outside in the heat!
(No other way to funnel thousands of people into the building, & through 'the scanner' into departures)

"Thanks you have put my mind at rest, I don't go for another seven weeks, cant wait to get back to paradise" ...

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Al Mirqab has arrived ...

The Emir of Qatar has arrived, with all the boys toys, in Koukounaries ...

Al Mirqab ...

Arriving in Skiathos the royal family of Qatar will spend part of their summer holiday on the island. The famous yacht "Al Mirqab", belonging to the sheikh of Qatar, Bin Jaseem Bin Al Thani, anchored off Koukounaries for their annual visit on Monday morning.

The Luxurious Yacht (with its distinctive blue colouring) which according to "Forbes" is the Sheik's vessel, was built in 2008 in Germany. It then cost 300.000.000 euros. It is the sixth largest in the world, the 3rd most expensive ever built and was described as the best of the year. 

It is 133-foot length, and has 51 crew, equipped with 12 suites, two swimming pools, heliport, gym, jacuzzi and cinema ...

I wonder if they will be sending out for a take away, again like last year ...

Later update: Seems they did Mr Koziakis once again summoned to provide the grill. 

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Bravo the bus drivers ...

A bus driver in Skiathos found a wallet with 600 euros and handed it over ...

A bus driver in Skiathos found and handed over to her owner her wallet, which contained a large sum of money. The incident took place this afternoon last Friday, when a young Voliotissa, which operates business on the island of Northern Sporades, used the bus on the line Skiathos-Koukounaries. 

But reaching her destination she lost her wallet. As soon as he discovered his loss, he contacted the bus owner, Mr. Yiannis Tsiflidis. The latter, after receiving the phone call, contacted his driver, Yiannis Kariofyli, and asked him to check the bus seats. After checking, he actually found the missing wallet, which just opened it in front of the coach of the bus, Christos Makris,

The owner of the bus Yannis Tsiflidis

The honesty of the driver gave a good end to Voliotissa's adventure, which soon received the wallet with the money. "Giannis has been in my job for many years now. It is a diamond character. He comes from Skiathos, where he marries and is a great family man. His move to return the wallet, not even thinking about keeping the foreign money, has moved me, but reminds us that we must start thinking again more human if we want to hope for better days, "he commented Mr. Tsiflidis, with 70-year-old Skiatitis then referring to a similar incident that he experienced during his active driver: 

"Just 15 years ago, I found in my bus a leather bag. It contained 500. 000 drachmas and belonged to a Greek-American tourist. I kept her and when we spotted who was her owner, he came and took her from the collector I had at that time. But instead of saying "thank you," she was content to say that she would not mind if she did not find her again. On the contrary, now our girl said a thousand thanks when we told her how we found her wallet. "


Saturday, 22 July 2017

One year on ...

I have been patiently watching and waiting ...

Yesterday was a very special day, it marked one year since SWMBO was having major surgery. Its a date, probably ingrained on the rear of my eyelids. One that has affected us both for a year.

It was also juniors last day at school for this term, and school year. They went out with friends after school, mums had fun, the children had ice cream, then a party in a friends garden.

Junior came home, and said 'Daddy I have very important news, sit down' I thought 'ah this is it' ...

'Daddy I am star of the year' at school' and there was the certificate, presented at assembly that morning. That was a very nice surprise, and certainly not the one I was expecting ...

SWMBO had had a great time, with friends, a couple of glasses of Pimms with the mums.

.... and forgotten, all about what happened just one year ago.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Skiathos - Eyes wide open ...

Skiathos - Eyes wide open by Andre Eckhart ...

Who I owe a coffee to.


Amazing skills, with an eye for the detail and nature ...

Situation in Kos

'An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.7 occurred off the coast of Kos on 21 July 2017. If you’re in the affected area and it is safe to do so, contact your friends and family to tell them you are safe. You should be aware of the possibility of aftershocks, and follow the advice of the local authorities and/or your tour operator' 

Source: British Embassy in Athens 

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Horror Flight Over Skiathos While He Was "In The Eye Of Medusa" ...

Do read and enjoy this translation of yesterdays BA flight story ...

Terror in the air over Skiathos.

Tempting the 45 passengers of BA 2225 flight of British Airways, which last performed in the morning London - Skiathos route. Lightning struck the aircraft in flight, minutes before the landing process started on the island of Papadiamantis, which at that time was "the eye of Medusa."

From one moment to another, carefree flight had started from London at 7.10 am (local time) and was expected to Skiathos airport at 12.15 noon, carrying British tourists and Greeks evolved into a thriller.
The flash and the click of lightning hitting the 'frozen' crew and passengers, who began to ask each other what happened. Some who were at the window of the brilliance that saw "tears" the dense clouds, they realized that the plane was hit by lightning.

At the same time, heavy rain "whip" the sky Skiathos, complicating the situation.
They followed great moments of suspense, with the pilot of British Airways to communicate with the control tower of the airport of Skiathos, and indicate that the aircraft was struck by lightning and that has a problem.

The pilot may not have, unsurprisingly, accurate picture that moment, that if the aircraft has undergone significant external damage or not, but it seems he did not want to take chances.
Having followed the protocol for similar cases, checking all systems, the pilot of British Airways Skiathos informed that it will land and return required in Athens.

According to cross information of TT, the pilot, after consultation with the Skiathos control tower and in order not to create greater panic, rushed to reassure them by saying microphone from the cockpit: "We struck lightning. No need to worry. The hull of the plane is robust and the aircraft tested and certified. We will land in the airport of Athens. " Passengers pulled an exclamation of relief and calmed down for a moment, as the voice of the pilot sounded calm and determined.
Their agony was however finally end when the aircraft descended and immobilized safely airstrip.
The plane at 13:00 local time, landed at the airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" in Athens, with passengers praised the pilot for his temper and effectiveness. The landing was accompanied by warm and prolonged applause passengers as little token of gratitude for the experienced pilot who got them safe on the ground.

British Airways is sure to provide accommodation and catering for all passengers who were yesterday in Athens to travel on other flights to Skiathos morning.

According to reports, the aircraft was struck by lightning damaged in need of repair. Moreover, before taking off again you must pass a technical inspection ...


Monday, 17 July 2017

Wet and stormy night ...

Not out of the woods yet ...

Plenty of bad weather near the islands, as Storm Medussa continues across Greece.

OK so far the mainland copped it big style as the system passed south last night.

Plenty of comments about 'Damp squib' etc by the folks on holiday, but if it had hit the island badly overnight,it would be a very different story.

The tour ops moved people out of accommodation, in areas which were liable to flood, good planning by them.

Still plenty of bad weather around, for quite a few hours to come ...

Stom Medussa - See Greek Reporter

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Batten down the hatches ...

Bad Weather imminent ...

Extreme bad weather expected with a rapid deterioration, in the weather from this afternoon (Sunday 16th July).

The Hellenic Metreological Service has issued a Red warning for affected areas and especially the Sporades islands.

Hellenic Metreological Service warning (In Greek)

'Take precautionary measure, be vigilant and act according to the advice of the competent authorities. Get the weather forecasts and expect a significant impact on your daily activities'

Expect violent storms from tonight (Sunday 16th July). with high winds, waterspouts over the sea, and probability of local flooding, through Monday and into Tuesday ...

Not good news, but if you are on the island, best to take care, stay indoors, and stay safe until it passes ...

Information supplied and circulated by Axilleas Sotiropoulos local amateur weather forecaster

(A) Overall Rating: 
Change will present the weather from Sunday 16/07 to Tuesday 18/07 because of the cold air cut off from the general circulation which transports cold air masses which combined with high sea temperatures create tremendous instability that will be converted into strong storms accompanied by gusty winds, temperature drop and extremely large rainfall in many parts of Greece and mainly regions of eastern Thessaly, South Chalkida Treaty, Sporades Port Plan and Evia.

(B) Local Assessment: 
With chance of precipitation Sunday 16/07 and strengthening winds will begin changes in the weather on the island of Papadiamantis (Skiathos) which will continue without potential effects on the rest of the day but with rapid deterioration due to instability by the evening hours (after 02:00) which has as its main characteristic northern direction winds, which would bring down the temperature of almost 12 degrees and the extremely large rainfall 

Monday 17/07 with Thunderstorms until the morning Tuesday 18.07. Take care from noon Monday until late in the evening of the same day, due to the extreme nature of the expected event. Great potential also exists for waterspouts in the wider maritime region of Sporades. 

If the predictive models become reality, the weather change translates into a violent summer storm then attention to people and property, because of possible flooding, especially in the affected area.

The official information is always carried out by NMS and Civil Protection emergency bulletins that citizens should take note of ...

Friday, 14 July 2017

The Champion returns ...

Tonight at the Bourtzi at 21:00hrs ...

Giorgos Angelopulos, nick name DANOS, from Skiathos is welcomed back to Skiathos

Its going to be quite a party ...

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Flights from Bristol ...

Good news for those of you in the South West of the UK.

Easyjet are flying from Bristol to Athens from November.
Skiathos will be just a 'Hopper ride' away ...

Bristol Post article: Click here ...

Link to yesterdays blog Last minute planning ...

PS If you read the blog yesterday, you may see or have thought of an addition to the list. Well I posted yesterday about the Bristol flight. Now its being followed up with the ...

#I wish someone flew from (Insert airport here) ...

e.g Blackpool - Bournemouth - Ireland - Norwich - Scotland

Later update:

Sunset from Skiathos ...

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Last minute planning ...

Anyone remember before the internet, when you just paid up and went ? Now the groups and forums are alive with questions that need answering.

These are the things you need to worry about before you jet off on holiday, as you do your last minute packing  (July list) ...

Aircon - How much is it?
Aircon - Why is it not included?
Airport - Please tell me its not going to be too busy on Friday 11th August?
Airport - Its packed and too hot and far too many people (Its an airport in Greece)
Airport - Its about time they modernised it (They did in the early 90's - This is Greece)
Airport - The loos are disgusting and all broken and huge queues (Try Turkey)
Airport - We had to walk in that heat from the new apron, they should provide a bus (2016)
Airport - They put us on a bus we could have walked (2017)
Arachnids - Please tell me there wont be any Scorpions?
Arachnids - Please tell me there wont be any Spiders?
ATM's - Anyone know what the exchange rate is ?
ATM's - Anyone know which button to press ?
ATM's - Anyone know which one to use ?
ATV's  - Anyone know where to hire one ?
ATV's - Anyone know where to get insurance?
ATV's - Anyone know why everyone tells me to get a jeep?
Benidorm - Nothing to do with Skiathos but so many people link to it
Benidorm - Do people there link conversations to Skiathos?
Bees - Are there any?
Bus - Its packed and you are pressed up against a sweaty stranger
Bus - Its packed, I am hiring a car! (See Parking)
Bus - Its packed, Its the only way to travel and saved me €80
#Cashponts (See ATM's)
Countdown - I am on countdown ...
Countdown - Countdown clock
Countdown - Why didn't anyone tell me my countdown clock was out of date once i posted it?
#Exchange rates
Exchange rates - Anyone know what the exchange rate is at (the ATM machine)
Exchange rates - Anyone know what the exchange rate is (Atm = At the moment)
Exchange rates - Anyone know what the exchange rate is at (the bank)
Exchange rates - Anyone know what the exchange rate is at (the ferry office)
#Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups - Its all kicking off again in Boommers
Ferries - What time are the ferries to Skopelos?
Ferries - What do you mean the next ferry is tomorrow
Ferries - My flight arrives at am/pm I need to get there straight away
Ferries - Typical Greece arrange the ferries to be going the other way when our flight arrives!
Flights - I wish someone flew from (Insert airport here)
Flights -  We need extra flights to break the monopoly and cheaper tickets (2016)
Flights -  We dont want cheap tickets and extra flights (2016) See #Our secret hidden island
Flights -  BA to fly from LCY scheduled (2017) See I wish they flew from (Insert airport here)
Flights -  BA to fly from LCY £69 each way (2017) See - We need extra flights and cheap tickets
Fridges  - Anyone know if (Insert property) has them in the room
Fridges - Why should I pay extra
#Full English
Full English - Question often asked -Where can I find the best one?
Full English - Answer often given -Back where you came from
#Hair Dryers
Hair Dryers - Anyone know if (Insert property) has them
Hair Dryers - Anyone know if (Insert property) lends them
Insects - Please tell me there wont be any Bees?
Insects - Please tell me there wont be any Butterflies?
Insects - Please tell me there wont be any Moths?
Insects - Please tell me there wont be any Mosquitos? (See Mossies)
Insects - Please tell me there wont be any Sand flies?
Insects - Please tell me there wont be any Wasps? (See Wasps)
#Insect repellent
Insect repellent - Which one is best?
Insect repellent - Avon - (Skin stinks like Hell)
Insect repellent - Mossie Milk (Who milks Mossies?)
Insect repellent - Jungle Formula (Best paint stripper ever)
Irons - Anyone know if (Insert property) has them in the room
Irons - Anyone know if (Insert property) lends them
#I wish someone flew from ...
I wish someone flew from (Insert airport here) - See #Flights
Jellyfish- Please tell me there wont be any Jellyfish
Linen - Change my towels sheets
Kettles- Anyone know if (Insert property) has them in the room
Kettles- Anyone know where I can buy one?
Loos - What is the fixation with taking a photo of them ?
Loos - What do you mean use a bin ?
Loos - Nappy Sacks - Really ?
#Loo Rolls
Loo Rolls - Are they supplied?
Loo Rolls - 1st One only - Why ?
Loo Rolls - Have to buy my own - Outrageous
Loo Rolls - Leave the hair straighteners behind, and pack a loo roll just in case
Mossies - Are there any?
Mossies - Bitten to death
Mossies - Not bitten to death
Mosquitos (See Mossies)
#Open Air Cinema
Open Air Cinema - Please tell me whats on - Click 'here'
Open Air Cinema - Mamma Mia - Must see event
Open Air Cinema - It does not have a roof
Open Air Cinema - It does not have a roof - See Rain
Open Air Cinema - It does not have a roof - See September
Open Air Cinema - It does not have a roof - See Thunderstorm
Open Air Cinema - Why don't they fit a roof - See Thunderstorm
#Our secret hidden island
Our secret hidden island - Don't tell anyone
Our secret hidden island - Has been discovered
Our secret hidden island - Is getting too busy
Our secret hidden island - Is considered to be more popular with higher quality Italian tourists
Our secret hidden island - You should not bring children here, nothing to do (On the aircraft)
Our secret hidden island - Well we live here so enjoy your holiday (Insert cheesy grin)
Parking - Where can I park?
Parking - You can park anywhere
Parking -What do you mean you got an €80 ticket
Parking - Where can I pay my parking ticket?
Parking - Just got back, can I pay my parking ticket online?
Prices - Too expensive
Prices - All fine not too expensive (Answer to those who say its too expensive)
Prices - Cocktails index
Prices - Mythos index
Prices - Taverna meals
#Quads (See ATV's)
Quads - Get a 4x4 instead
Rain - My app says rain
Rain - BBC weather says rain
Rain - Please tell me it wont rain
Rain - Please tell me it wont rain next week
Rain - Please tell me it wont rain all next week
Rain - Please tell me it wont rain, I can stay at home for that
Rain - 'never skiathos again'
Ribbon - Fashion accessory to get spotted, by another ribbon wearer
September - See Rain
Snakes - Are there any?
Snakes - Don't worry they are not poisonous?
Snakes - Do worry they are poisonous.
Snakes - I saw one two feet long
Snakes - I saw one three feet long
Snakes - I saw one four feet long
Snakes - Please tell me there wont be any?
Sunbeds - Are there any?
Sunbeds - How much are they?
Sunbeds - Thats expensive!
Sunbeds - They are not expensive 'prices have not risen for very many years'
Taxi Drivers
Taxi - Cost of transfers - How much is it by taxi to ?
Taxi - Cost of transfers (Prebooked)
Taxi - Why are we paying the same when we are sharing it with someone else?
Taxi - Why are we paying for a private transfer when they put us in a taxi anyway?
Taxi - Why did I pay for a private transfer when I could have taken a taxi?
Thunderstorms - See Rain
Thunderstorms - See September
Wasps - Nobody told me there would be Wasps
Wasps - Please tell me there wont be any Wasps?
#Water taxi
Water taxi - I need to get to Skiathos town, where is the taxi?
Water taxi - Can you call him for me?
Water taxi - What do you mean he is on the mainland his business is waiting here!
Water taxi - How much !!!
Water taxi - What time did you say the ferry was and can you look after my bags
Weather - Too Hot for me (Well it is July)
Weather - Lucky you, its tipping down here in Bradford/Leeds/Manchester (Nobody cares)
Weather - Whats it going to be like on (Insert date here)
Weather - Whats it going to be like on (Insert date and exact time here)
Weather - Whats it like in (Insert Month here)

Feel free to add to the list, but after the last few days reading, I think you have it covered ...

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Here comes the ...

Heat again ...

Another heat wave brewing, as the inferno summer continues

Temperatures across Greece are reaching over 35 degrees Celsius today and are set to hit 40 as of Wednesday in areas including Attica, Peloponnisos and Sparti.

Beaches will definitely be packed, especially as the day goes on, with tourists and locals alike expected to head for the water and breeze today, to keep them cool.

Doctors are warning everyone to keep hydrated and to stay in the shade, especially the elderly, babies, pregnant women and those with medical conditions.


The coastguard rescued four people from the water off Troulos yesterday. Two boats collided and four of the occupants ended up in the water. All were rescued without any injury except to their sea cred ...

Friday, 7 July 2017

Busy day at the airport ...

Its another busy Friday at the airport ...

Forty six airliner movements today, thats twenty three in and twenty three  out - Hopefully.  Already the Dutch and Italians are on their way, They will have been in and left by the time the Brits arrive.

Its a popular misconception its just English Friday, The Brits only turn up in force at lunchtime ...

The Germans are last to land tonight ...
Arkefly ARRIVAL TFL287 AMS 09:15 B738
Blue Panorama ARRIVAL BPA2424 FCO 09:25 B737
Arkefly DEPARTURE TFL288 EFL/AMS 09:55 B738
Blue Panorama ARRIVAL BPA2624 BGY 09:55 B738
Blue Panorama DEPARTURE BPA2525 BLQ 10:00 B737
Blue Panorama DEPARTURE BPA2625 BGY 10:35 B738
TUI Airlines UK ARRIVAL TOM5584 LTN 11:20 B738
TUI Airlines UK DEPARTURE TOM5585 LTN 12:20 B738
Thomas Cook UK ARRIVAL TCX1078 STN 12:25 A321
Sky Express ARRIVAL GQ050 ATH 12:30 AT75
TUI Airlines UK ARRIVAL TOM7534 BHX 12:40 B752
Sky Express DEPARTURE GQ051 ATH 12:50 AT75
ASL Airlines ARRIVAL FPO715 MAN 13:10 B73G
Thomas Cook UK DEPARTURE TCX1079 STN 13:25 A321
TUI Airlines UK DEPARTURE TOM7535 BHX 13:40 B752
Thomas Cook UK ARRIVAL TCX1678 NCL 13:45 A321
ASL Airlines DEPARTURE FPO716 MAN 14:00 B73G
TUI Airlines UK ARRIVAL TOM2526 MAN 14:00 B752
Thomas Cook UK DEPARTURE TCX1679 KVA/NCL 14:45 A321
Thomas Cook UK ARRIVAL TCX1194 MAN 14:45 A321
TUI Airlines UK DEPARTURE TOM2527 MAN 15:00 B752
Blue Panorama ARRIVAL BPA2524 BLQ 15:25 B737
Thomas Cook UK DEPARTURE TCX1195 KVA/MAN 15:45 A321
Blue Panorama DEPARTURE BPA2425 FCO 16:00 B737
Air Serbia ARRIVAL JU5134 BEG 16:15 B733
Air Serbia DEPARTURE JU5135 BEG 17:05 B733
TUI Airlines UK ARRIVAL TOM4558 LGW 17:45 B738
Thomas Cook UK ARRIVAL TCX1004 EMA 17:50 A321
TUI Airlines UK DEPARTURE TOM4559 LGW 18:45 B738
Thomas Cook UK DEPARTURE TCX1005 KVL 18:50 A321
TUS Airways ARRIVAL U8-1550 TLV 19:00 F100
TUS Airways DEPARTURE U8-1551 TLV 19:35 F100

Track the updated details at

Previous Blog - Champion !!!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Champion !!!

Of Survivor 2017 ...

Giorgos Angelopulos, nick name DANOS, from Skiathos

I watched it via a friends mobile, live on FB who was at the final. It went crazy.

Back in Skiathos where they were showing it live at the attikon cinema went wild, flares set off, too bright to see the screen, Today could become a new island holiday ...

The memes this morning,  even show him getting out of a car as the new Prime minister of Greece.

Just wait till he gets back ...

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tonights the night ...

Tonight its the final of Survivor 2017

Giorgos Angelopulos, nick name DANOS, from Skiathos (his mother works at Asteras supermarket) is in the final ...

If he wins, then they will hear the party on the Turkish mainland ...

The cinema in Papad is showing it live on the big screen, at 23:45pm

Just about every TV in Skiathos will be tuned to the channel too.
Good luck to 'the rock' that is Danos ...

Monday, 3 July 2017

Draughty ...

So yesterday the official high temperature was 37.8 °C as the heat rolls on ...

Today it was 33.4 °C at 02:36 am!

Strong winds are forecast to follow the heatwave, especially so tonight as the heatwave system moves away towards Turkey ...

Hang on to those cocktail umbrellas down on the harbour ...

Saturday, 1 July 2017

More airport fun ...

καλό μήνα σε όλους!

Our friend and follower of the blog, Steve G writes with news ...

This is an account of a trip home yesterday, from Skiathos to Gatwick. He has asked to share this with you, and it certainly makes a interesting read ....

'Flight back was a pain we had the stop over for fuel must have been 45C+ in the plane, but that was the good bit!! as we came in to land at Gatwick we pulled up and started circling for about 1h the guy in front went balistic and with the seat belt signs on got up and wanted to see the captain a couple of times. 

When we did go in for landing we could see fire engines everywhere it looked like there had been an incident, but then they started chasing us- yep we were the incident. The landing was very fast and lots of breaking that only just stopped us by the end of the runway, apparently they could not get the flaps down and we had to do a high speed landing and there was a danger the under carriage may have collapsed, we were then parked up in a corner while they inspected us for 30min, 

Still it all adds to a memorable holiday. The angry passanger was a 747 pilot who could tell someting was not right and had wanted to help'

Personally I would have enjoyed that experience, after all those guys up the pointy end, behind the armour plated door, train for hours on a simulator for it, and have instructions on the i-pad how to do it to be sure.

Then if it had been me, after making a twat of myself, would of course would have told everyone I was a 747 pilot too afterwards #cough #cough

The Small Planet made it to 'the rock' today, all be it 27 hours late. Departing LGW at 08:30am. Stories are appearing of the 'Journey from Hell'  but they may see it differently after reading the post above ...

The flight in Steve's account must be the Germania or the Enter Air, as the SP was a non-runner and the Thomson returns direct ...

Answer on a post card to ...

The official high today was 35.5 °C at 15:52 recorded at the weather station in town ...

Friday, 30 June 2017

Eikonistrias ...

This Saturday, July 1 Eve celebration will take place at 19.00 Small Vespers at the Church Three Hierarchs and transfer the miraculous image in church Nativity of the Virgin where at 20.00 will take place Artoklasia officiated by the Metropolitan. Chrysostom

Officiated by Metropolitan Halkida and Istiaia Sporades K. Chrysostomos will celebrate the discovery of the image of Our Lady Eikonistrias patron saint of the island of Skiathos as always on the first Sunday of July.

On Sunday, July 2nd will take place Matins and Divine Liturgy and the two parish churches followed the procession of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Eikonistrias through the city streets, and along the harbour.

Serious heat and flight delays ...

Yesterday it reached 33.2 °C at 13:43 at the weather station in town ...

That was easily bypassed by 11am ...

The official high today was 38.9 °C at 12:46 recorded at the weather station in town ...

Severe weather Greece advises ...

While most parts of central, western and northern Europe is having a more autumn mood... Starting from today until Sunday evening in most areas of Greece, an intense heat wave, BUT not unusual for this time of year (record of temperatures on June were 10 years ago on the 24th - 27th of June 2007 where Athens had 46,2°C , Thessaloniki 41,4°C, Larisa 44,6°C, Argos 46o°C, will take place.

Temperatures from 40°C tomorrow , climbing up to 44°C during Friday and Saturday. Locally it's possible to exceed 45°C! Calm winds, some dust from Africa, but in some cases, low humidity.

Temperatures will not drop under 30°C in large cities, such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Larisa, Volos, Lamia, Argos etc.

From Sunday afternoon in most parts of western and northern Greece, fresh NW winds will start , bringng the heat wave to an end by the end of the day in central Greece, and by early morning in most parts of continental Greece.

Drink lots of fluids stay cool and calm! It will get cooler soon ...

Airport Delays

The Small Planet from LGW went tech and had a six hour delay.. This flight has now been cancelled with a scheduled departure at 07:00 on Saturday.

Eurocontrol are restricting aircraft movement both in UK and Greece. The aircraft apron at Skiathos was restricted until lunchtime.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Urgent message from the Dog Shelter ...

Just as the heatwave over northern Europe has cooled this week, temperatures in Skiathos have been steadily rising, and are set to continue going up, with predictions of anything up to 43c! This is great for all our wonderful visitors, but is a real problem for the dogs living at the Shelter.

We are absolutely desperate for more Royal Canin Rehydration Support Powder, which we add to our dogs' water bowls to avoid dehydration and to replace lost fluids.

Unfortunately, we cannot add this to our Amazon Wish List as it can't be posted direct to Skiathos, but if you could buy it in the UK or Denmark, and then post it out to us yourself, we would be very, very grateful.

It is available online at a number of sites, including:
Animed Direct
Pets at Home

If you are able to buy any for us, please post direct to the Shelter at the following address:

Lee Thornton
PO Box 310
TK 37002

Thank you so much for your support, we wouldn't ask if the need was not urgent. If you are unable to send any, a donation would always be welcome! Donations can be made via PayPal at

Hot Hot Hot ...

Todays high was 33.2 °C recorded at 13:43 at the weather station in town ...

Memories ...

Five years ago today, i was camped out in a cafe in Volos.

I was in Volos for all the wrong reasons. SWMBO was in Volos hospital having major surgery, This time to remove a tumour. This was the start of the journey many of you read about ...

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Fish meze ...

Hake fillets, (Bakaliaros) Tomatoes and Olives ...

Hake fillets, (Bakaliaros) Cod would be a fine alternative
Tin of chopped tomatoes
Six cherry tomatoes (Orange) and 
Six black olives with stones
Six chopped green olives ...

Popped in the oven for 35 minutes, some rice and bread to mop the plates.

Went really well with a glass of red, white perfectly acceptable ...

That moment when you realise as you typing, there is Bread dough on the end of your thumb - priceless ...

Focaccia anyone ...

Still a #celeb #snatched #selfie #free #zone

Monday, 26 June 2017

British Airways arrival at Skiathos ...

Its here at last ...

@BritishAirways arrived on the rock this morning, Their first flight ✈ from London City Airport in to Skiathos airport ...

BA2224 - Embraeur E190 (G-LCYP) Due 13:15 Arr 13:13

Great photo by Martyn Hill, shared here with his kind permission ...

Unlike the crafty snaps of celebs, which are all the rage over the last few weeks, you will not find any on here ...

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Things that Make You Uniquely Greek ...

So you are in the holiday mood, you are in your version of paradise. 
Its not bad, the sun shines, you have a glass to hand, life is good …

Yes I can handle this, for the rest of my life ...

Many thoughts like that go through your head, as the sun warms your bones, and slowly fries your inner grey matter. How would you adapt ?

Our Greek friends stand apart from other nationalities, in many aspects of everyday life.  To a foreigner this may seem inconceivable, absurd even, but a Greek wouldn’t feel Greek if he did not abide by ‘certain rules’

So here are a few things (many belong to the past) that are said to make someone a real Greek, or happen in Greece alone …

1. Never eat dinner before 10:00 pm.
2. In your neighborhood, there is at least one street called “Eleftherios Venizelos street.” Even the Athens airport is called that.
3. You run several red lights to get to a coffee shop and then stare lazily at your frappe for three hours.
4. You travel abroad to escape from Greek attitudes for a while and during your trip you look for other Greeks to hang out with.
5. You applaud the pilot when landing.
6. You are not surprised when your 43-year-old buddy tells you he lives with his mom.
7. You consider it normal that someone gets a four-year university degree in 12 years.
8. You never have enough cash for necessities, but you always manage to find money for luxuries.
9. You hate public employees and call them lazy, but you dream of becoming one.
10. You go to church and pray to Jesus and the Virgin Mary on Sundays, but later you curse at them during the football game.
11. You light a cigarette before you enter the gym. And one as soon as you get out.
12. You wonder what the white lines are in pedestrian crossings.
13. You jog five kilometers but you take the elevator to the first floor.
14. You get in a traffic jam at 6:00 am on a Sunday.
15. You brag about what a womanizer your son is, but you claim your daughter is a virgin.
16. You wonder why people in the rest of the world don’t drink frappe.
17. You always honk to show the world you own a car.
18. When other drivers honk at you, you swear at them
19. You paid 50,000 euros for your over-priced car, but you think the valet is a thief when he asks for 5 euros to park it.
20. You insist that the “evil eye” has been scientifically proven.
21. You believe that the rest of the world envies you for being Greek.
22. You are certain there is an international conspiracy to destroy your language.
23. You root for politicians even though you call them thieves in the next sentence.
24. You wonder how other countries survive when they don’t have kiosks in every corner.
25. You feel a burst of national pride when you hear the word “malakas” in a Hollywood movie.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Europa 2 ...

Hello Good Morning ..,

... and welcome back to the cruise liner Europa 2

A busy week for our friends on Skiathos. The Salamis Filoxenia visited on tuesday, and what an interesting history that ship has had - Click Here to find out why ...

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Airborne update over the Olive Grove ...

Happy Summer solstice ...

The summer solstice has happened its June 21, also known as the longest day of the year ...

Sunrise in Skiathos was at 6:00 AM
Sunset in Skiathos 8:56 PM

That's 14 hours, and 56 minutes of midsummer fun.

Meanwhile at Stonehenge, and most of Britain you can enjoy 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight.
As, the sun rose at 4:43am and will set at 9:31pm

Its going to be a warm one, So where would you rather be sunkissed, naked at Stonehenge or down on Spartacus ?

Talking of which, take a look at this video ...

All credit to Svend Brinch for this amazing view, of the developments on the Koukounaries peninsular ...

From the air the beaches at Banana are even more stunning ...

Meanwhile, its going to be another very warm day, so you need to keep cool. What better way than with a Water Melon. Now I have to admit, I am not the greatest fan since being force fed them every night for two weeks in Crete.

But this is different ...

Its an Argo from Volos, It weighed 3.5 Kilos, and when I realised, I just had to lug it home. Junior thought Christmas comes twice a year ...

The sweet side we ate, and the sour side, went in the juicer. It made 1.5 litres and is residing in the fridge. What you see is almost frozen in an old Vodka bottle ...

Now there is an idea, 'Water Melon Vodka' you would happily pay me €10 a glass for that, with a sprig of mint wouldn't you - Thats my 'Happy Hour' offer ...

Late Update:

Καλο παραδεισο Βαντα ...

Previous blog: Beach Auctions / Planned power Cuts on 23rd, 24th & 25th June...

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Beach Auctions 2017 & Power cuts ...

The auctions took place yesterday ...

They will operate until 31/12/2019, The exception being Big Banana which will only operate until 31/12/2017.

So except for Agistros and Agia Paraskevi went for exactly €500, more then the reserve price. Tsougrias went for an eye watering €35500, again €500 more then the reserve ...

€23500 higher than asking price, lets hope its collected and spent wisely ...

Planned power Cuts  Skiathos 23rd, 24th & 25th June

Thanks to Steve in Skiathos and Skiathos Island News for the update ...

Previous blog: Skiathos bans plastic bags ...

Monday, 19 June 2017

Skiathos bans plastic bags this summer ...

Yes really ... reports ...

The island is launching the ASAP programme (Active Skiathos Against Plastic bags)

Plastic bags will soon be a thing of the past for the Greek island of Skiathos, one of the most beautiful resorts in the country, which has voted to ban their use in line with European directives. The island is launching the ASAP programme (Active Skiathos Against Plastic bags) run by the MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network, which is to run until the end of June 2018, with a beach-cleaning activity on Friday.

Funded by BeMed (Beyond Plastic Med), the Thalassa Foundation, Skiathos municipality and MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network, the ASAP pilot programme will strive to increase public awareness and sensitise the public to this issue. It mirrors a similar programme successfully adopted by the island of Alonissos, another island in the Sporades group, using tried-and-tested methods and tools to get islanders on board, such as beach-cleaning, consultation processes, distribution of fabric shopping bags etc.

Read more here.

So all the household rubbish will be bagged up, and left outside in the street, in free fancy fabric bags instead ? This will take some believing changing the culture ...

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Hotel Xenia - Update ...

Ministries Approve Plans to Build Holiday Village on Skiathos

The Greek island of Skiathos is about to get a new holiday village located next to the well-known Koukounaries beach on the northern Aegean.

For some reason they are looking at the wrong end of the beach ...
The government has given the go-ahead to create the holiday resort following a joint decision by five ministries who took into consideration everything from the investment plan to the environmental impact.

It is to be built in an area that is 65,900 square meters and was sold back in 2013 by the Greek State’s privatization fund, TAIPED. It was purchased by Nathanailidis construction company for 2.6 million euros.

Source: but all the Greek sites are carrying the info ...

Now it seems its all legal and will move to completion, which will be great for the island.

Makes you wonder if 'TAIPED' pocketed €2.6m for this development - How much was trousered by the owner of the Olive grove behind Banana beach ?

Is that his boat with the helicopter in the bay? ...

Catch up on yesterdays blog: SWMBO - Its a must read ...

Saturday, 17 June 2017


A very important update for those that still follow the blog ...

One year ago Kamila (SWMBO) was offered a life changing decision. To go for surgery at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

She was a terminal stage 4 cancer patient, who had defied all the odds. So she took another chance.

This is her yesterday with her friend the surgeon, who gave her an opportunity on life instead.

So for all of you, who followed her journey, who helped. Many of whom sent love, stood by her, and for all those messages of support. Especially those on 'a small green island in the aegean' ...

This is how it looks to be told, after what has been a very scary three months, where it was not certain. That at least for now - Cancer free ...

Friday, 16 June 2017

Rosetta Stone ...

I ordered the Greek version from Amazon, some years ago ...

Try as I might, I just cannot get it to load on my Laptop. However it seems there is a tablet version, in the British Museum.

Along with very many other interesting things from Athens ...

I will be going back to explore at leisure, as soon as I can do so,

'The Rosetta Stone is a granodiorite stele, found in 1799, inscribed with three versions of a decree issued at Memphis, Egypt in 196 BC during the Ptolemaic dynasty on behalf of King Ptolemy V. The top and middle texts are in Ancient Egyptian using hieroglyphic script and Demotic script, respectively, while the bottom is in Ancient Greek. As the decree is the same (with some minor differences) in all three versions, the Rosetta Stone proved to be the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs'

Beach Auctions

The Beach auctions have again been delayed and are now scheduled for next Monday. No doubt the prices will be high for the bidders, but low in return for the successful licence holders. After all it will be week 8 of the season, and there will be just sixteen more left, until the end of it ...