Thursday, 15 December 2016

Oops - easyjet made a typo ...

'Someone is going to get fired :) ...

Volos appeared as a new destination in the December issue of the official magazine of the company distributed free of charge to passengers of flights! The reply given by the press office of the company with which it contacted

Commissioner for European SMEs Matteo Taddei replied as follows:

easyJet would like to apologize for the error that appeared in the December issue of the Traveller magazine. EasyJet is constantly evaluating options for new destinations to its European network, but does not plan to start flights to and from Volos, at this stage.

easyJet remains committed to Greece as a key market for the company. It carries over 2.6 mil. Passengers annually and is happy to announce four new destinations from December 13 now reach their 76.

The 'I have it on good authority', and 'my best friend just told me' posts have been swiftly deleted on FB overnight :) ...


  1. So you were right Ian.........Doh Doh Doh.

    1. It did not add up, as a business case. I thought it was an advert typo, Bit of a fudge by easyjet ...