Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Χρόνια πολλά για μένα ...

Happy Birthday to me ...

In accordance with my own time honoured tradition, I am having a day off. So will be off for a nice cup of Mint tea, and a slice of cake, with SWMBO & Junior some time later. I have a few crazy days ahead, so better pace myself accordingly.

Happy winter solstice, which reminds me,  The solstice occurs at 10:44 GMT, marking the start of astronomical winter and the shortest day of the year. So if you are dancing naked at Stonehenge - Well done to you. The sun will soon start climbing in the sky again. So it will soon be summer again.

Remember "A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun" - (Other newspapers are available) ...

Enjoy the trip, and your day wherever you are .....

Post Solstice update: 
Just for me learned friend in Norway, the famous Stig, as he reminded me of it earlier, and if you read the comments may wonder what we are on about :)

December 21 - 20`13 Skiathian Stonehenge ...


  1. Happy birthday Enjoy your day.x

  2. Happy birthday Ian!

    Three years ago; you put a picture of a miniature Stonehenge up on Facebook. I'll make a copy of this tonight and dance naked around it; to celebrate both winter solstice and your day.

    1. Thank you Stig, until we can return and finish the famous circle. Photo above ...

  3. Happy Birthda Ian.

    Hmm a lemon flavoured hangover? Do enjoy haha x

  4. Happy birthday Ian!
    it's a real pleasure to be a follower of the Skiathian :-)
    so good to hear news and stuff from the rock!!
    would be great to hook up for a beer sometime.