Thursday, 17 November 2016

Polytechneio ...

Today is Polytechneio day ...

Students, both young and not so young across Greece, will remember the Students uprising, and actions of the military junta in 1973.

Do read the link to 'A Gael in Greece' here it explained a lot more to me ...

On this day, the children in schools in Skiathos, take red carnations to school. The younger children draw or paint them, and take them home to their parents.

This is in memory of Nikos Beloyannis, A Greek resistance leader, sentenced to death for crimes against the state.

His wife gave him the carnation at court and he kept it throughout the whole trial, through to the day when he was sentenced to death. This image was captured in a sketch by Pablo Piccasso - Man with a Carnation ...

Later Update

The board of the Association of Parents and Guardians Skiathos Gymasium School invites all parents and guardians of school students at an extraordinary General Assembly, tomorrow 18th November at 19:30 in the school hall. 

Parents and Guardians will be updated on the latest developments on the issue of teacher shortages, discussion of serious issues that have arisen in the school and we will decide together on the actions of our Association. 

The presence of all, as always it is essential!

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