Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Carlo - Carl Phillips ...

Sad news to share ...

Reports circulated yesterday, of a sailor missing at sea, and a search being undertaken by the Volos coast guard, in the area of Trikeri.

'Unfortunately  It seems that the missing person is Carlo, who has been missing  for the last 36 hours, He was at sea, when he went over the side, to untangle a rope, and failed to re appear.

The search by Volos port police is continuing, and so far this morning, nothing has so far been found'
Source: Bob George‎ - Skiathos Island News

Carlo will be known to many people on the harbour, in Skiathos. from his time working on the boats.

We often bumped into each other, over the years, It often cost me a beer. In Volos where he always told me he was the unofficial harbour master.

When my wife was in hospital in Volos, he introduced me to his Volos 'Greek family' in case I needed any help.

Thoughts are with his family and friends, and hoping for better news ...

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